The Wattersons are eating dinner at their house. Nicole says "So, how was school '. Gumball replys 'Well it was ." Darwin says "great " "So, mom "can i watch Dasiy the Domkey now ?' Anias says. "Fine" Nocole says . Anais goes to watch Dasiy the Donkey. When she leaves Nicole says 'Gumball, I forgot to tell that someone will be staying with us and he will come tomorrow morning ' Gumball says "k' . Then Gumball and Darwin go to bed . The next morningGumball finds a kid and sceams . Then Gumball says "Who r u?' "I"m Calvin ' the kid says. "k' Gumball says . All day gumball and darwin hang out with Calvin. At lunchtime Anias says "Who,s he?' "He 's Calvin ' Gumball says . 'Shhhh!" Darwin says "I"m watching A.N.T farm" "k , Calvin and I will do stuff ." Gumball says . Later, at the park Gumball and Calvin are in a groecry cart. Calvin says "Dude what r we doing?Well, We ,re going get stuff fiying in this cart ." Gumball lanchs them they scearm in the air . They Land near Penny . When gumball sees Penny he looks lovestruck.Gumball says'sup Pen" 'Hi gum . Whos the kid ?' "His name is Calvin he's staying until Febauary .' Gumball says . 'k" penny says. To Be Conutined