The kids of Elmore Junior High have a prank war.










Banana Joe


Minor Characters





Miss Simian




-school bell rings-

Darwin: Gumball, haven't you noticed how everyone's so happy?

Gumball: Yeah... I wonder what's going on.

Richard: -runs by- It's prank day! Woo!

Darwin: Well, that must be it. Let's go! -Gumball and Darwin walk off-

-outside, Tobias on bench-

Tobias: Okay, dudes! We are playing our traditional prank war! It's only for hardcore players! This year, we'll be in duos!

Penny: Who put you in charge?

Tobias: -ignores- Now, any questions? Good! Now, let's go! -runs off-

Banana Joe: -follows-

-all kids run off but GUmball and Darwin-

Gumball: Awesome. Darwin, we better be hardcore! -both run into school-

Darwin: Huh, the hallway's empty.

-Richard jumps out in a contraption-

Richard: COTTONTAIL CAVALIER!!! -launches pies-

Gumball: Run! -pies land near dodging boys-

Darwin: Isn't this easy? -gets pounded by Zack-

Zack: Tine to feel the clown!!! -takes out marker, Gumball pounces on him, sending him onto locker-

Zack: ow...

Gumball: RUN! -two resort to running-

Darwin: -running- We're unarmed! How are we going to fight?!

Gumball: I know! Lunch room!

-barges into lunch room, sees Teri and Molly esting meatball subs-

Gumball: Get the subs! -him and Darwin steal meatballs, get out-

Darwin: Who do we prank?!?!

Gumball: Whoever comes out at us next!

-Jacob and Bobert drop from roof-

Bobert: Whoopie cushion launcher. -Whoopie cusions all over hallway-

Gumball: Eep! Darwin, he did the CUSHIONS!!!

Darwin: -throws meatball at Jacob-

Jacob: -moves out of way- Is that all?

Gumball: -Throws another-

Jacob: -dodges onto a cushion- Aww...

Bobert: Brother, are you okay? -walks up to Jacob-

Jacob: Affirmative.

Gumball: Uh... -throws meatball at Bobert, hits head-

-Bobert and Jacob leave-

Darwin: That was easy! -jumps over cushions, Gumball follows-

Banana Joe: No way! -a banana peel falls on ground-

Gumball: Come on! Just step over the peel and... -trips a wire, falls, chainreaction-

Darwin: ohh...

Tobias: -comkes down with Banana Joe- Aw, amn, we messed up BIG TIME! Gotta move it! -runs away with Joe-

Gumball: Wait! What's going on? -pie goes across other hall, sending Tobias and Joe backwards-

Joe: It's thunderPIE!!!

Darwin: What?

Tobias: ThunderPIEEEEE!!!!!!


-Zack and Richard dash by, boys follow-

Gumball: What's Thunderpie?!?!

Zack: Since Elementary school, the girls got us out with it every year!

Richard: It stings like lightning!!!

Darwin: What?! You mean Penny and Camren? They aren't that tough!!!

Carmen:-comes from hallway unarmed, near window-

Gumball: Aw, come on, too easy! -throws meatball-

Penny: -comes into hallway, lifts Carmen out of way, dodges meatball-

Gumball: WHOA. Hi, Penny!

Penny: Hi! Just winning this war! See ya around, everyone! -jumps away-

Richard: Be more careful: their... brrr... TEAMWORK is breathtaking! -runs away, greeted by a chicken being thrown at his head, boys run-

Gumball: For know, I think we ought to work together, you know, beat out Carmen and Penny as a yeam with out too much harm!

Darwin: Yeah!!!

Zack: Whatever.

-runs down hallway- TO BE CONTINUED AGAIN...