Gumball destroys Elmore with a piece of uranium that he & Darwin he found. So now he has to stop Maximus Vice before it's too late


Level 1: Elmore Stage 1

Gumball: I have to find everyone, maybe I need their help! (Travels through Elmore)

Jamie: Well, well, well. Gumball Watterson.

Gumball: Jamie?! You're alive?!

Jamie: Yes. I lost my friends because of you! If I kill you, Maximus will bring them back.

(Boss Battle: Jamie does a jump attack, lands & tries to punch Gumball, but Gumball punches back. After a while, Jamie is defeated)

Gumball: That felt good.

Jamie: Ok, I deserved that after all that bullying I did.

Gumball: Where's Darwin?

Jamie: I saw him at school before I saw you.

Gumball: Thanks.

Level 2: Elmore Junior High

Gumball: Alright I need to find my family. (travels through the school)


Gumball: Miss Simian?! You're alive too?

Miss Simian: Yes, because I lost Nigel because of you! And now I will avenge him!

(Boss Battle: Miss Simian charges, but Gumball dodges. Miss Simian does a ground pound & pieces of the school come crashing down. After a while, Miss Simian collapses) 

Miss Simian: I'm sorry, Nigel.

Gumball: Don't worry. I'll get Principal Brown back. Where's my family?

Miss Simian: Your dad died before you got here.

Gumball: WHAT?!?

Miss Simian: I saw the rest of your family over there.

Gumball: Thanks Miss Simian.

Level 3: Elmore Stage 2

Gumball: I'm may not been able to save Dad, but I will save the rest of my family. (travels through Elmore again)

Jealousy: You! Because I had to use Carrie's body because of what you did!

(Boss Battle: Jealousy fires jealous blasts & also dashes at Gumball, but Gumball dodges this. After a while, Jealousy dies & Carrie's freed)

Carrie: Thanks Gumball!

Gumball: Carrie, where's your boyfriend?

Carrie: I saw him with your sister heading to Elmore Park before I got possessed, but your mom died.

Gumball: Not again!

Soldier: Halt! You're coming with us!

Carrie: Go! I'll take care of these guys!

Gumball: Thanks Carrie!

Level 4: Elmore Park Stage 1

Gumball: I come for you buddy! (travels through Elmore Park)

Tobias: You dare show your face again?!

Gumball: Tobias? Tina?!

Tobias: Tina, take care of him.

Tina: Certainly.

(Boss Battle: Tina charges, but Gumball dodges. She tries to bite Gumball, but Gumball rips a tooth off. She fires a blast out of her mouth & Gumball dodges. Afterwards, Tina collapses.)

Level 5: Elmore Park Stage 2

(Gumball throws Tina to show Tobias)

Tobias: Tina, NO! I'll take of you myself!

(Boss Battle: Tobias tries to hit Gumball with a stick, but Gumball dodges. Tobias fires a rainbow blast, but it misses. Afterwards, Tobias goes down.)

Gumball: Where's Penny & my siblings, you nutcase?!

Tobias: Anais is dead & I saw Darwin going downtown.

Level 6: Downtown Elmore Stage 2

Gumball: I'm coming for you buddy! (travels through Downtown Elmore)

(A car hits him)

Virus: Remember me?!

Gumball: I thought I stepped in you!

Virus: You did, but Maximus brought me back to life.

(Boss Battle: The Virus first goes in a laptop & tries to bite Gumball, but he breaks it. He goes into a stereo & shoots CDs out, but the same thing happens. He goes in a microwave & fires a ray, but the same thing happens. He goes in the lawnmovver, but Gumball punches it towards a car. The Virus goes into it next, but Gumball punches it towards a methane tank & the car explodes. In the end, the Virus comes out, dizzy)

Virus: Ohh. I don't feel so good! (collapses & dies)

Gumball: Enough distractions, I've got a job to do.

Level 7: Downtown Elmore Stage 2

Sal (sees Gumball): Oh, it's you. Now that your mom's dead, I could kill you!

(Boss Battle: Sal tries to slash Gumball with his spoon, but Gumball dodges. After a while, Sal goes down.) 

Sal: You're buddy's dead, sucker!

Level 8: Elmore Stage 3

(Gumball cries until he sees Bobert shooting at him)

Gumball: Bobert?!

Bobert: Intiate Combat Mode! (goes into his Combat Mode)

(Boss Battle: Bobert fires laser machine guns at Gumball but he dodges. He also fires a chest laser, but Gumball dodges as well. After a while, Gumball shoves a water pipe into Bobert causing him to explode)

(Gumball runs away into the Forest of Doom)

Level 9:  Forest of Doom

(Gumball sees an arrow coming at him)

Gumball: Who are you?

???: Someone you know.

(Boss Battle: The being shoots arrows at Gumball, but he dodges & tries to slash him with a machete. Afterwards, Gumball finds out the truth)

Gumball: Wait a minute. (notices the sweater) This is the sweater I gave to Penny. That means...(gasps)

(The being turns out to be Penny)

Penny: I'm sorry, Gumball. (passes out)

(Gumball runs away crying & jumps out of the unfinished highway)

Level 10: Hospital

Carrie: Bobert! (sees Bobert's remains)

(She takes his parts to the hospital)

Carrie: Jamie, what happened?

Jamie: I got beaten by Gumball.

Miss Simian: So did I.

Tina: Me too.

Tobias: Me three.

Sal: Me four.

(Bobert gets repaired & activates)

Bobert: Me five, all because we told him that his family died in the explosion!

Tobias: And we lied to him, so that he can get out of our hair.

Richard (as a ghost): Hi guys.

Carrie: What happened to you?

Richard: I got killed by Maximus Vice

Nicole (also a ghost): So did I.

Anais (also a ghost): Me Too.

Darwin (also a ghost: Me three.

Carrie: At least you're a ghost now, Darwin.

Darwin: I guess so. (kisses Carrie)

Bobert: I seen Gumball heading towards the Forest of Doom before I went offline.

(the door opens & Penny is seen shaken)

Carrie: Penny?! You're alive?! What happened?! Where's Gumball?!?

(Penny takes off a bodybag she had on her back & goes to a chair, sits down & starts crying)

(Bobert unzips the bag & everyone except Penny gasp in shock)

(Gumball had committed suicide)

(Everyone soon joins Penny in the crying until Bobert gets an idea)

Bobert: I got an idea! We'll use this! (holds up a sliver of Dark Energon)

(Bobert inserts the Dark Energon, but is sent flying soon after)

(Gumball beats up everyone except Penny who stops crying after seeing this)

Penny: Gumball! STOP!!!

(Boss Battle: Gumball charges but Penny grabs the light fixture. Gumball tries to slash Penny with his claws, but she dodges. After the fight this happens)

Penny: Bobert, what should I do?!?

Bobert: Kiss him, quickly!

Penny: All right! (kisses Gumball to get to corporate & it works)

Gumball: Thanks for saving me, Penny. 

Penny: You're welcome. Now let's stop Maximus Vice!

Level 11: Elmore Stage 4

Penny: We need to find Maximus Vice!

Gumball: But how?!

Bobert: It's the path that's heavily protected! (they & the rest of their army travel Elmore)

Solider: Send in Expereiment X. (Kenneth arrives)

Gumball: Kenneth?!? (gets eaten)

(Kenneth eats Jamie, Miss Simian, Carrie, Tina, Tobias, and Sal)

Penny: Bobert, kill Kenneth! (gets eaten)

Bobert: Alright!

(Boss Battle: Kenneth tries to bite Bobert, but he grabs rips off 2 of Kenneth's teeth. Kenneth then fires sludge balls but Bobert dodges it. In the end, Kenneth dies)

Gumball & Penny: Thanks Bobert!

Bobert: You're welcome!

Level 12: Maximus' Lair

Maximus: Well, well, well. I never thought you would make it. GET THEM!!!!

(an army charges at Gumball & his army)

Gumball: CHARGE!!!!

(his army charges)

Tobias: Go, we'll cover you. 

Gumball: Alright! (he goes inside with Penny, Carrie, Bobert & his family as ghosts)

Maximus: Why wouldn't you just give up?!

Gumball: Why did you ruin our lives?!

Maximus: Hey, I was about to lose my job!! 

Penny: What do you mean by that?!?

Maximus: I was going to lose my job for not having a good case, so I had to create one. (After defeating Gumball's family, Carrie & Bobert, Gumball & Penny let out a scream of rage) I'll admitted, you're right! Playtime is over!

(Boss Battle: Maximus tries to slice Gumball & Penny with his staff, but Gumball & Penny break it. Maximus then grabs his gun & starts shooting, but Gumball & Penny dodged it. Maximus does a shockwave punch & it hits the 2.)

Maximus: You cannot defeat ME!!!

(the battle continues, in the end Maximus goes down)

Maximus: You think you're special! I'm ruled this place. I planted uranium in your backyard. I killed your families!!!!

(Gumball & Penny finally break & start to hover as energy starts flowing through their veins)

Gumball & Penny: THEN YOU'RE GOING TO WISH YOU HAVE BEEN FIRED!!!!! (fire a blast)

Maximus: NOOOO!!!!!!! (get hit, falls offf, hits the ground & dies & everything went back to normal)

(Everyone cheers Gumball & Penny)

Gumball: Besides I just wanted to tell you that I love you!

Penny: Well, I love you too!

(Both see Nicole & Mr. Fitzgerald & Nicole & Mr. Fitzgerald)

Nicole: Alright. You can kiss.

Mr. Fitzgerald: Since you saved us & got everything back to normal. (Gumball & Penny kiss & Darwin & Carrie join in)

(the 4 get married)

Bobert: And so they lived happily ever after. Except me. (knock on the door) Anais?!? (she lunges at Bobert & kiss him)

Anais: Let's married.

Bobert: I guess I could live happily ever after too.

The End