I'll do characters and more later on, but here's the episode!
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Zack: Dudes, come ON! I’ve been waiting forever!

Gumball: Sorry, sorry! I needed to pack a suitcase!

Zack: Why?

Gumball: Because of the entire valentine’s I’m gonna get from the classmates.

Darwin: Yeah! We’ve been so good this year! We’re sure to get a bunch of candy!

Zack: Whatever, let’s wait for the bus.

-Bus opens at bus stop-

Darwin- Wow, the bus conveniently stopped right next to us! –Climbs on, followed by Gumball and Zack-

Penny: -From seat on bus- Hi, Gumball, Zack, Darwin. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gumball: He, he, he… you too..?

Zack: -knocks Gumball out of the way- I will, thank you! –Shoves forward-

-Trio sits in back seat-

Zack: So, what did you get Penny? I got her… nothing. Being there is enough.

Gumball: -nervously looks around- Um… I got… something great!

Zack: Yeah, right…

Gumball: Hey! I totally have something!

Zack: Well, I’ll have a bag ready for her to barf in.

Darwin: We’re at school! –Trio climbs out-

Gumball: I’ll prove you wrong, Zack! This will be the best Valentine’s Day EVER!

Zack: Sure.

Penny: Guys, I heard everything you just said!

Gumball: Oh… sorry!

Zack: Let’s get inside to see this “amazing gift” you have planned.

Gumball: Sure… -leads in-

-Meanwhile, in hallway-

Alan: These books aren’t working! Ruff! –Struggles to carry books on his head, Penny and Carmen walk by

Carmen: Penny, tell your best friend the truth: what are you doing with Gumball!?!?!

Penny: Going to see him at six flags tonight.

Carmen: Wow, I wish you luck! I need to find a way that I can’t hurt Alan!

Penny: Well, I can’t say I’m going to help but a lot, but good luck… -walks away-

-Back to boys-


Gumball: NO, I DO!


Leslie: Well, another day, another Watterson battle!

Teri: Yes! When will they ever separate? –Walks out of view-

Gumball: This is pointless; I like cake-cheese, anyway.

Zack: What’s this gift? –Opens locker and finds small gift in there, tears paper-

Zack: Woo! Gummies from… em… -looks at torn paper- Anton, I think!

Anton: Pfft, that box is from Idaho! I’m passing out valentines right now! –Holds up valentines, a second later, smashed by Tina’s foot-

Jamie: Give us the cards! They’re all ours to incinerate!

Darwin: -backs up-

Gumball: -backs up

Zack: -backs up-

Tina and Jamie: -Come closer-

-Penny in air, kicks Tina-

Penny: Be nice! It’s not right to do that!”

Tina: -Taken aback- Not like a loser could beat me!

Penny: Maybe not, but I can! –Attacks-

Jamie: -stares in amazement-

Zack: This is our chance to escape! –Trio tiptoes away-

-Bell rings for lunch break-

Gumball: Time to put gifts into lockers!

Zack: Okay, then. Let’s get them. –Runs to lockers, puts in combo, opens, takes out pile of cards-

Gumball: -groans- We had to take for EVERYBODY!

Darwin: I and Gumball can be a group, Zack, go deliver your cards!

Zack: Whatever, fish-head. –Runs away-

Gumball: Let’s go!


Gumball: -Pants- Wow that took a while!

Darwin: -Huffs- Yeah…

Jacob: -Comes into view-

Jacob: Greetings, Gumball and Darwin. Happy Valentine’s Day. –Hands over giant chocolate bars-

Gumball: Oh, yay! –Chomps one down-

Darwin: -already eating- So good…

Jacob: So, anything new?

Gumball: Other than today, nope.

Darwin: We’re doing great, too! Any prospects for Valentines?

Gumball: Not really… -Glances at Penny in far hallway-

Jacob: Right… Well, I need to go. Have a nice day. –Leaves-

-At schoolyard near tree-

Zack: And she said this! –Mimics Penny unsuccessfully- “I only like Zack, take a hike.”

Carmen: -reading- She never said that; I was there. She said “Thanks. See you later Zack.”

Gumball: Yeah! What Carmen said!

Zack: You misheard! Sheesh!

Darwin: -opening cards and eating candy, with mouth full- Man I was really good this year!

Gumball: You were, dude, but that’s not how Valentine’s Day works. It’s like… Uh, Zack, how does it work?

Zack: Duh, you be attractive and awesome.

Gumball: Yeah! What Zack said!

Darwin: Oh.

Gumball: I don’t know about you dudes, but I’m opening my cards. –Goes in, opens locker-

Gumball: Huh? It’s almost empty! I’m going to find the meaning of this! –Goes into girls bathroom-

Masami: -shows door- GET OUT OF HERE! –Gumball rushes out, girl’s screaming-

Gumball: Still going to find the reason I don’t have a lot! –Runs down hallway-

-Shows girls outside-

Molly: -looking up- Oh, I think I see a cloud shaped like a car! And one live Elvis!

Penny: Interesting. Are you sure we shouldn’t be practicing for cheer-squad?

Molly: Positive. Oh, I see a lemur!

Penny: -looks over to Wattersons, walks over-

Zack: -waving long stick around- Come on; teach me the X-treme scream and nobody gets hurt!

Penny: Zack, are you threatening Darwin??

Zack: Nope! Hi, Penny!

Penny: Where’s Gumball?

Zack: Why do you need him?

Penny: No reason in particular.

Zack: I think I heard a frightening scream a minute ago, from the school, come to think of it.

Penny: And you didn’t go to see who it was?

Zack: Nope…

Penny: Come on, guys! It could be an emergency! –Dashes with Darwin and Zack to school-

Darwin: I hope it’s not another monster!

Penny: It shouldn’t be! Wait; its right ahead! –Turns with others-

Gumball: WAH!!!

Penny: GUMBALL, WHAT’S WRONG? –Runs up to Gumball-

Darwin: Dude, what happened?

Zack: Yeah, I wonder.

Penny: For now, we need to end the episode: this is serious! –Whole class but Gumball gathers-