After working 24 straight hours Nicole takes a day off from work to go to sleep & Gumball, Darwin, and Richard try to "help".


Gumball, Darwin, and Richard try to help out Nicole with crazy ideas.


  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Nicole
  • Richard

Minor Characters

  • Anais


  1. Nicole gets back from work at 6:15AM tired & drooling*
  2. Nicole walks into Gumball's room*

Richard: Oh, hi honey! Is breakfast ready yet?

Nicole: I need a vacation...

Richard: Ok!

-Meanwhile, were Darwin & Gumball were-

Gumball: Where's mom? She should be making our breakfast?

Darwin: Maybe she's tired?

Gumball: Nah, relax she's never tired.

-Meanwhile, in Richard & Nicole's bedroom-

  1. Phone Rings*
  2. Richard picks up*

Richard: Hello?

  1. Phone Mumbles*

Richard: It's for you Nicole!

  1. Nicole picks up phone*

Nicole: Yes, hi i'm going to take a day off today due to sickness.

  1. Phone mumbles*

Nicole: Thanks! *Hangs up & goes back to sleep*

-Meanwhile, were Gumball & Darwin where-

Gumball: It's 9:30AM & she still hasn't made breakfast!

Darwin: Good thing it isn't school today!

Anais: She's not coming.

Gumball: AHH! Anais, what are you doing here!?

Anias: Same thing as you.

Gumball: Right...

  1. Richard comes walking down the stairs*

Richard: Your mom told me to give you this, bye! *Runs back upstairs*

Anais: It's a list of stuff to make ourselves.

Gumball: Wait a second, this list must be what to make mom!

Darwin: So let's make it!

Anais: Well, i'm not going to be in this.

  1. Gumball & Darwin go into the kitchen to make something*

Gumball: How about toast!

Darwin: And lemonade!

  1. Gumball get's bread out of the fridge & put's one in the toaster*

Gumball: Let's see...put the level on max

Darwin: I've made my awesome lemonade! Want to know my secret ingredent?

Gumball: Sure!

Darwin: *Whispers* Dish Water

Gumball: Amazing! Let's go give mom her breakfast!

    • Darwin & Gumball go upstairs to give Nicole breakfast*

Gumball: Hey Mom!

Nicole: *Wakes up fast* WAHH! You scared me!

Gumball: Here's your breakfast!

Nicole: Well thank you sweetie!

    • Nicole takes a bite of the burnt toast*
    • Nicole faints with her eyes open one has a tearish mark & her mouth is open*

Darwin: That just what happens when people try my lemonade, they faint because it's so spectacular! Now drink up Mrs. Mom

  1. Darwin put's the dishwater lemonade into Nicoles mouth & then makes her swallow it*

Gumball: Dude, why is the lemonade orange?

Darwin: That's just how it is!

  1. Nicole wakes up & vomits on the floor*

Gumball: Was it awesome or what!?

Nicole: Thanks boys but mommy needs some sle..*vomits on the floor again* sleep. *Goes back to sleep*

Richard: Nice job boys! Now you know how to make breakfast!

Gumball: Thanks dad! *Shocked* Mom's clothes are dirty!

Darwin: I think that's her work clothes, she wheres them to work

Gumball: We need to change them, it has some vomit on it!

Richard: I think we'd better cut this part out.

  1. To be continued*