"The New kid"
Season: 3
Airing Information
Written by: Cindy Flame
Episode Chronology
"The Giraffe"
"The Diary"

The New Kid is an episode of the Amazing world of Gumball. It aired January 1, 2013.


A new kid arrives in Elmore and he's causing trouble for everyone. Now it's up to Gumball and Darwin to figure out a way to outsmart the new guy before he gets everyone expelled.


  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Henery Watts (King)

Minor characters

  • Penny
  • Bobert
  • Miss Simian
  • Zam
  • King's Minions


-Elmore Jr high-

Darwin: '"'Hey Gumball I heard that there's a new kid coming to town."

Gumball: "Yah me to, what do you think he's like.

Darwin: "Well...I did hear he was a.."

Miss simian: "Alright class we have a new student here a Henery Watts is that correct.

-Enters king-

King: "Yah thats right but call me king, I hate it when people call me by my real name.

Miss Simian: "What ever now go take your seat.

-King floating by-

Darwin: "Hello"

King: "yah hi, hey kid hold this for awhile."

-Hands Darwin a box-

Darwin: "um ok what is it?

King: "Oh just a gift to Miss Simian.

Darwin: ok but why are you giving it to me then..

Gumball: "Dude what is it.

Darwin: I don't know he said it was for miss Simian

Miss Simain: "Wattersons!!! what is that you two are talking about.Bring it here!

Gumball and Darwin: "yes miss simain.

-Hands over box-

Miss Simain: "now lets see what you two were so intrested in.

-boxing glove shoots out of box knock miss Simain out of a window-

Miss Simain: "Wattersons!!!!!!!!

To be Countuined.