Elmo comes to the Wattersons' house.


Episode starts when Gumball says to Darwin that they’re in control but Darwin tell’s that he does not know then he tells that they have to babysit then Gumball says yes. Then Elmo knocks the door & Gumball & Darwin are scared then he kicks down the door & Elmo says hi & so did Gumball, then his pig runs into the house & dies. Anais felt kinda bad. Elmo asks if she has google but Anais doesn’t have & Elmo says yes & Darwin says to stop arguing. So Elmo told she needs google vegetables & Anais crys. Then Elmo got Daniel Senicourt. Then Carrie came & Gumball said hi to her. Then Elmo kicks her out & Darwin is heartbroken. Then Elmo reveals his true identity. He turns into Robin, Gumball & Darwin are scared then Robin turns into Rob & Gumball & Darwin are scared again. Then Rob turns into Zach & Gumball & Darwin are scared again then Zach turns into Zachariah then Gumball gets angry & then Zachariah turns into Damien but Gumball tells that he’s not a nemesis then Damien tells that he used to be then Gumball told he had a personality change then Damien turns into Hobo & telling Gumball to marry Carrie, then Gumball kicks Hobo & then Hobo kills Richard & then the episode ends.


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