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The Movie

after the wattersons see a action movie they decied to be like them and be awesome marines.

~i love penny







Evil Gumball

Minor characters



Miss simian

Larry needlmayer



Gumball: "can't wait till we go to the movies!"

Darwin: "i know i'm flapping my flippers!" *flapping flippers*

Gumball: "that exited?"

Darwin: "yup"

Anais: "do you know what movie we are going to watch?"

Gumball and Darwin: "no"

Anais: *facepalm*

Gumball: "what movie are we going to watch?"

Anais: "we are going to watch daisy the donkey"

Darwin: "when is mrs. mom coming?"

Anais: "in a little bit"

-at movie theater-

Richard: "lets go here!" *points to action movie*

Nicole: "no sweety thats to dangerous for the kids"

Ricahrd: "aww"

Gumball: "how is it bad mom?"

Nicole: "super bad"

Gumball: *whispers to darwin* "dude we should see that movie"

Darwin: *whispers to gumball* "but mrs. mom said no"

Gumball: *still whispering* "so?"

Darwin: *still whispering* "that would be going against what our mother said"

Gumball: "darwin you want to see the movie yes or no?"

Darwin: "yes?"

Gumball: "then we need to sneak by our mom to see it"

Darwin: "ok then"

-in theater-

Gumball: "ready darwin?"

Darwin: "yes"

Gumball: "ok then lets go"

Gumball and Darwin: *sneak off to see action movie*

Anais: *sees gumball and darwin leave* *follows*

Richard: *looks over and noticed that kids are gone* "honey the kids are missing"

Nicole: *whispering* "WHAT?!"

Richard: *goes back in frightened motion* "yes"

Nicole: "grrrr" *gets up mad and leaves*

Richard: *follows*

-other theater room-

theater sounds: *guns shooting, explosions every few seconds, screams*

Darwin: "this is way better than the daisy movie!!!!"

Gumball: "ya it is!"

-unknown place-

Evil gumball: "ugh stupid squid" "how to get out of here?"

-back to theater-

Anais: "hey there"

Gumball and darwin: *scream* "what you doing here?!"

Anais: "i saw you leave and thought i should have come"

Gumball: *facepalm*

Anais: "wow lots of awesome graphics!"

Darwin: "what are graphics?"

Anais: "ugh" "that is the stuff that makes it better and so no one could actually get hurt"

Darwin: "so this stuff is not real?"

Anais: "some of it is real"

Darwin: "cool"

Gumball: *to darwin* "dude we should be like them"

Darwin: "ya we should!"

Nicole: "boys!"

Gumball and Darwin: "uh-oh"

Nicole: *points towards door*

Gumball and darwin: *walks out sadly*

Richard: *comes in* "wow this is awesome!"

Nicole: "richard were leaving"

Richard: "but honey" "look at this awesome stuff!"

Nicole: *angry face*

Richard: "aww ok" *leaves*

-back to evil gumball-

Evil Gumball: "i finally reached elmore!"

-shows elmore-

Evil Gumball: "now time to destroy gumball!

-watterson house-

Nicole: "boys i'm very disappointed in you!"

Gumball: "yes mom"

Darwin: "yes mrs. mom"

Nicole: "what were you guys thinking?!"

Gumball: "we wanted to see the action movie and it was awesome!"

Nicole: "guys thats bad for you"

Gumball: "but it was awesome" "they were like"

Darwin and gumball: *making hands out of there hands and making shooting sounds* "bam" "take that" "bam"

Nicole: "ya thats bad"

Darwin and Gumball: "oh"


Gumball: *dressed as a in marines clothes and bandanna on forhead*

Darwin: "why you dressed like that?"

Gumball: "i decied i wanted to be like the guy in the movie"

Darwin: "cool" *puts bandanna on head* "so will i"

Gumball: "k now we need weapons to fight with"

Darwin: "where we going to get weapons?"

Gumball: "the gun store" *smiling*

-down stairs-

Richard: "nice clothes kids"

Darwin and Gumball: "thanks"

Richard: "got a spare one?"

Darwin: "nope"

Richard: *sad face* "oh"

Gumball: "do you know where the nearest weapon store is?"

Richard: "ya its right next to the shoe store"

Gumball: "thanks" "come on darwin lets go"

Darwin: "ok"

-elmore streets-

Evil gumball: "seems i got lost even though i know a hole bunch of stuff"

Penny: "hey there gumball"

Evil Gumball: *thinking* she must think i'm the real gumball i need to get info out of her "hey there"

Penny: "what are you doing gumball?"

Evil Gumball: "i'm about to go home"

Penny: "your'e house is that way" *points towards house* "why you here if you came from there?"

Evil Gumball: "uh..." "um..." "i thought i lost something but i guess i didn't"

Penny: "ok see ya later gumball" *wink*

Evil Gumball: "bye" "now to destroy gumball" *walks towards house*

-at weapon store-

Gumball: "this is what we want" *puts weapons on table"

Larry: "sry kids but your'e to younge for this kind of stuff"

Darwin: *big eyes* "please?"

Larry: "no"

Darwin: "darn"

Richard: "i would like to buy them"

Gumball and Darwin: *turn around in shock*

Larry: "ok then" "that will be $2,000"

Richard: *hands over nicoles credit card*

Larry: *swipes card* "thank you for your'e serves"

Richard: *takes card* "your'e welcome"

-outside of store-

Gumball: "thanks dad"

Richard: "your'e welcome kids" *puts sword and rocket launcher on back*

Gumball: *puts shot gun on back* *grabs sword, pistol, and knifes*

Darwin: *grabs giant sword*

Anais: "what are you doing?!"

Gumball: "We are soldiers"

Anais: *grabs 2 daggers and Katina*

Nicole: *grabs 2 small daggers and sword*

Gumball: "mom?!"

Nicole: *puts on bandanna* "yes?"

Darwin: "wow mrs. mom you look awesome"

Nicole: "thank you sweetie"

Darwin: "no problem"

Tina: "gumball"

Gumball: "yes tina?" *says shyly*

Tina: "why you look so epic?!?!"

Gumball: "hehe" "thanks"

Tina: "your'e welecome" "can you be my boyfriend?" *says fast*

Gumball: "say what?!"

Tina: "you look so awesome in that suit"

Gumball: "uh..."

Darwin: "you know he likes penny right?"

Tina; *looks away* "yes"

Darwin: "then shoo" *waves tina bye*

Tina: *sad* *leaves*

Gumball: "thanks darwin"

Darwin: "don't mention it"


Gumball: "we look so awesome!"

Darwin: "ya we do"

Nicole: "ok" "we look great"

Evil Gumball: *comes out of shade* "hello guys"

Gumball: "didn't you get eatin by a octopus?"

Evil Gumball: "ya but i got out"

Gumball: *raises sword* bring it

Evil Gumball: "ok then" *fighting stance*

Gumball and Evil Gumball: *ready to fight*

Other wattersons: *also gets ready*

Evil Gumball: "see you got a little back up"

Gumball: "seems so"

Anais: "and this started cause of me"

Gumball: "don't sweat about it"

-fight over- (due to inappropriate scenes)

Evil Gumball: "grrr" "YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF ME!!" *runs away*

Nicole: "let him go"

Gumball: "but mom"

Nicole: "no buts!"

Darwin: *giggles* "butts"


Gumball: "come on darwin or we going to miss the bus" *runs out of door*

Darwin: "i'm coming" *follows*


Miss simian: "you can't have weapons in school wattersons"

Gumball: "who said we can't?"

Miss simian: "people that are very high"

Gumball: "darn them"

Miss simian: "now take those away"

Gumball: "ugh fine" *walks away*

Penny: *sees gumball in army stuff*

Gumball: *whispers to darwin* "dude i'll be back"

Darwin: "ok but hurry up"

Gumball: *runs to penny* "hi penny"

Penny: "hey there gumball" "nice clothes"

Gumball: *takes out sword* "cool huh"

Penny: "uh..." "sure"

Gumball: "how about this" *pulls out pistol*

Penny: *eyes widen* "gumball put that away!"

Gumball: "oh don't worry its not loaded"

Penny: "so its real?!"

Gumball: "ya it is"

Penny: "put it away now or your'e going to get in huge trouble!!"

Gumball: *puts gun away* "wow penny calm down" *walks away*


Darwin: "ok dude we should put these away before someone tinks we are bad guys"

Gumball: "ya ok"

Gumball and Darwin: *puts army stuff away*

Gumball: "guess thats it then"

Darwin: "guess so"

-unknown place-

Evil Gumball: "can't believe i lost!" "need to figure a way to beat them"