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The King

Tina and Jamie has been kicked out of school due to fighting other kids. The other kids think they should rule the school since the bullies are gone.

~i love penny (this will be PG-13 due to violence)


Reaper (debut)

Janken (debut)






Minor Characters


Miss simian

Mr. Small

Mr. Brown

Doughnut policeman




-school hallway-

Tina: *tries to get gumball with tail*

Gumball: *ducks and dodges* "I didn't do any thing!!!"

Tina: *angry face*

Darwin: "Tina he didn't do it!!"

Jamie: "He did cause I saw him!!"

Darwin: "That wasn't him"

Tina: *still trying to get gumball*

Jamie: *tries to get darwin*

Gumball and Darwin: *runs away*

Tina and Jamie: *chases gumball and darwin*

Miss simian: *comes out of class room* "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!?!"

Gumball: "Tina and Jamie is chasing us"

Miss simian: "WHAT?!?!"

Darwin: "They think Gumball told a secret of Tina's"

Tina and Jamie: *comes out of corner*

Miss simian: "You guy's are expelled!"

Gumball: *looks at miss simian weidly* "What does that mean?"

Miss simian: "It means that they are kicked out of school forever"

Gumball: "Oh"

-after tina and jamie leave-

Gumball: (talking to darwin next to locker) "Dude the bullies got kicked out of school" "Now we can be the kings of the school!"

Darwin: "That would be cool" *day dreams of being kings of school*

Gumball: *also day dreams*

Reaper: "What you guys talking about being kings?"

Darwin: "Tina and Jamie got kicked out, so no more bullies"


Gumball: "Darwin why did you tell the sort of evil guy that?!"

Darwin: "Just nice I guess"

Reaper: *leaves*

Darwin: "Bye?"

Penny: "I couldn't help but over hear what you said about being king" "I think that would be kinda cool"

Gumball: *looks love struck* "Really?!"

Penny: "Ya" "Well I got to go" *waves goodbye and leaves*

Gumball: *waves goodbye* "B- bye penny"

Zack: *comes out of nowhere* "DUDE WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT PENNY?!?!"

Gumball: *looks down sadly* "Not to talk to penny"


Gumball: *still looking down* "Talk to her"

Zack: "YES!!"

Darwin: "Well you don't scare us!!"

Zack: "Oh really?!"

Darwin: "YES!!"

-in a run down building-

Reaper: "Janken you here?"

Janken: *pops out of room* "Cool you got the message"

Reaper: "Ya it did but softly"

Janken: "Well at least you got here" "Anything new?"

Reaper: "Yes" "Tina and Jamie got expelled"

Janken: "Wow they finally got expelled"

Reaper: "Ya they did"

Janken: "Thanks man"

Reaper: "No problem dude" "Got to go before cops come" *runs out*

Janken: "See ya" *goes back in room*

-back at school and zack left-

Gumball: "Ok we need a plan to take get rid of miss simian and brown"

Darwin: "But were going to need help with that"

Gumball: "Oh ya" *puts hand on chin*

Darwin: *copies*

Tobias and Bobert: "we could help but we also want to be kings"

Darwin: *whispers to gumball* "sounds good for now then we could tell them deal off"

Gumball: *whispers back* "that sounds like a great idea"

Tobias: "will?"

Gumball: "ok you in" *puts hand in front of him so tobias could shake*

Tobias: "ok" *takes hand and shakes*

Darwin: "so its settle we team up to take down simian and brown"

Bobert: "Yes" *transforms into battle mod*

Gumball: "k lets go" *heads to browns office*

Bobert: *follows gumball*

Darwin: "i guess that leaves us with simian"

Tobias: "guess so"

Darwin and Tobias: *goes to miss simian class room*

-at browns office-

Gumball: *slams door open* "principle brown out of your'e office now. or prepare to get thrown out"

Brown: "ha" "you and what army?"

-Bobert in battle mode and Reaper show up-

Brown: "oh..."

Reaper: "you going to leave?"

Brown: *grabs stuff* "yes"

Gumball: *leans on boberts leg* "smart move"

Brown: *leaves school*

-miss simian office-

Darwin: *opens door* "miss simian can you get out of school now?"

Miss Simian: "why?"

Tobias: *comes in* "cause we are taking over this school"

Miss Simian: "i see"

Darwin: "so can you?" "i'm a pacifish and don't want to hurt you"

Zack: *comes in* "are you going to leave?"

Miss Simian: "hmm" *uses fingers to brush hair on side of face*

Tobias: "just get out miss simian"

Miss Simian: "NO" *jumps at kids*

Janken: *jumps and catches Miss Simian in mid air*

Darwin: "who you?"

Janken: *pulls out knife and holds right next to Miss simian throat* "Name's Janken"

Darwin: "where have you been?"

Zack: "he has been here but in hiding"

Janken: "yup" "now miss simian will you get out of school?"

Darwin: "oh"

Miss Simian: *looking at knife* "i-i.."