The Girlfriend

~i love penny
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Minor Characters





-home sitting on the couch watching TV-

Zack: "what to do gumball"

Gumball: "I don't know"

Zack: "I'm glad darwin is not here"

Gumball: "um..." "why do you hate darwin so much?"

Zack: "I will never say why"

Gumball: "ok..."

Zack: *changes channel*

Nicole: "kids food is ready"

Zack: "sweet"

Richard: "awesome" *comes down the stairs*

Nicole: "now richard this is for the kids"

Richard: "aww..." *walks away*

Nicole: "have you kids seen darwin?"

Zack: "no"

Nicole: "hmm"

Gumball: *looks at zack*

Zack: *whispers* "don't look at me"

Nicole: "I have to go to work"

Gumball and Zack: "bye"

Nicole: *leaves*

Gumball: "zack what did you do to darwin?"

Zack: "ok this time it was not me"

Darwin: *from distace* "I'm upstairs"

Gumball: "why are you upstairs?"

Darwin: "just because"

Zack: "is it because of me?"

Darwin: "yup"

Gumball: *to zack* "you said it wasn't your'e fault"

Zack: "how is it my fault?"

Gumball: "darwin is scared of you"

Zack: "I don't see how that's my fault?"

Gumball: "will bus is coming" "we should head to the bus stop"

Zack: "ya ok"

Gumball: "lets go darwin!"

Darwin: "coming!" *goes downstairs*

Gumball: "k lets go"

-bus stop-

Penny: "hi guys" *waves*

Zack: *pushes gumball backwards* "hi penny"

Gumball: "hey"

Zack: *looks back at gumball* "sorry"

Gumball: "grrr"

Penny: "you ok gumball?"

Gumball: "ya I'm all right"

Penny: "thats good to hear"

Zack: *angry face at gumball*

Gumball: *doesn't notice zack's face* "here is the bus"

-school hallway-

Zack: "so penny what are you going to do tomorrow?"

Penny: "not sure yet"

Gumball: *punches zack in arm* *whispers* what are you doing?"

Zack: *whispers back* "trying to get penny as my girlfriend"

Gumball: "WHAT?!"

Penny: "uh..." "guys i'm right here?"

Gumball: "will penny who do you choose me or zack?"

Penny: "uh..."

-bell rings-

Penny: "will I have to go" *speed walks away*

Zack: "dude I had a shot there!"

Gumball: "I want penny to be my girlfriend!"

Zack: "will thats to bad"

Gumball: "GRRRR" *starts to become angry*

Zack: "dude we have to go back to class or we will have detention"

Gumball: "fine" *runs to class*

Zack: "hey wait for me"


Zack: *sits right next to penny* "hey penny"

Penny: "hey zack"

Gumball: "grrr" *goes with zack and penny*

Zack: "what's up gumball?"

Penny: "hi gumball"

Gumball: "hey penny"

Zack: "as I was saying, I could fly over stuff but I don't really need to"

Gumball: "zack you can't fly"

Zack: "yes I can!" "I just don't want to"

Penny: "zack you can't really fly"

Gumball: "see even penny says so"

Zack: "what penny you don't believe me?!"

Penny: "sorry zack but i don't see how a person could fly"

Zack: "will I can fly"

Gumball: "so penny"

Penny: "yes?"

Zack: "penny will you be my girlfriend?"

Penny: "uh..."

Gumball: "hey I was going to ask that!"

Zack: "will sorry dude but your'e slow"

Gumball: "grrrr"

Penny: "are you guys fighting over me?"

Gumball: "i guess we are"

Zack: "i guess so"

Penny: "wow..."

Gumball: *looks at zack mad*

Zack: *looks at gumball mad*

Penny: "hey guys don't fight"

Gumball: "to late for that"

Zack and Gumball: *leave table*

Penny: *looks at them leaving* "uh" "guys?"


Zack: "gumball I told you I'm going to date penny!"

Gumball: "uh so?" "I also want to date penny!"

Zack: "I'm dating her"

Gumball: "she never said yes to you"

Zack: "oh yes she will"

Gumball: "uh no she won't"

Zack: "we will see about that"

Gumball: "I guess we will"

-school hallway-

Gumball: "PENNY!" "who do you choose me or zack?!"

Penny: "uh"

Zack: *comes running in* "ya who"

Penny: *starts walking backwards* "uh..."

Zack: "well?"

Penny: "will I don't really know"

Gumball: "what do you mean?"

Penny: *starts running away*

Zack: "see what you did gumball?"

Gumball: "ME?!"

Zack: "yes you" "you scared her"

Gumball: "will I'm not trying to steal someone else's lo-"

Zack: "ha you can't even admit it"

Gumball: *looks angry* "grrr"

Zack: *walks away*

Gumball: "we will see who has penny"

Penny: *comes from behind Gumball* *whispers* "hey gumball"

Gumball: *turns around* "ye-yes penny?"

Penny: "why are you two fighting over me?"

Gumball: "we want to see who can be your'e boyfriend."

Penny: "will I'm not going to date either of you guys"

Gumball: "what?!" "why?"

Penny: "because you guys are scaring me"

Gumball: "oh" *looks down*

Penny: "I'm going to class" "see ya gumball"

Gumball: "bye"

Zack: *comes racing toward gumball* "dude what did she say to you?!"

Gumball: "she said she won't date neither of us"

Zack: "why not?"

Gumball: "she said we are scaring her"

Zack: "scaring her?" "how?"

Gumball: "I don't know"

Zack: "so I guess neither of us get to date penny?"

Gumball: "guess not"

Zack: "will I guess that is that"

Gumball: "yup"

Zack: "lets head back to class before we get in trouble"

Gumball: "ok"

Darwin: "come on penny" "just tell them"

Penny: "ok. Sorry guys, I guess Darwin says I should date Gumball"

Gumball: "Really?"

Penny: "yeah"

Gumball: "oh Penny" (he hugs her)

Zack: grrr

Tina: Hi handsome.

Zack: (blushes) "hi" (to gumball) good luck dating Penny.

Gumball: okay.