Miss Simian takes the class to the fair on a field trip. Gumball, Penny, Zack and Darwin, a closely bound group, get in a bet.

NOTE: All credit for idea outline come from i love penny, so if you want to praise someone, give it to i love penny

This is strangely similar, based off a true story. And, AdventureTimeDVD gets some credit too.


  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Penny
  • Zack
  • Jacob

Minor Characters

  • Miss Simian
  • Tina
  • Jamie
  • Anais
  • Sebsatian Longquin
  • Rocky
  • Bobert
  • Laurence Needlemyer


  • Carmen
  • Alan
  • Anton
  • Banana Joe
  • Tobias
  • Idaho
  • Teri
  • Molly Collins
  • William
  • Masami


[Shows Elmore Junior High, Miss Simian yelling "CLASS!"

Miss Simian: Tomorrow we will have our first field trip since forever so I don't have to deal with you brats! The fair! I will pass a form and it will mention your partner, and as you all know, we won't make you sign because it's for your safety! Any questions?

[Whole class raises hands]

Miss Simian: Good, great! Haave a nice day off! [runs out window] AHHHH!

Gumball: [coolly] You know Darwin, tomorrow's going to be a miraculous day! Because my partner is going to be... [Shows form, picture of Penny" [panics] At least it says I don't have to hang out with my partner! [smiles nervously]

Darwin [looks at letter] Read the fine print, Gumball! Stay next to your partner at all times, and don't even consider trading!

Gumball: [nervously] Well, what do rules do other than..." [interrupted by loud sigh from behind him, Turns to Zack]

Zack: [upsettedly] Darwin? I'm suposed to go with Darwin?! [glares at Darwin, Darwin slouches lower in chair] I shouldn't even go that'll be so lame. [rocks back in chair]

Darwin: [scared] Gumball, I don't think that I'll like the fair.

Zsck [brightly, pointing finger up] I know! Gumball, you, me, Penny and Darwin can travel as a group! It'll be fun!

Gumball: [about to say something]

Penny [pops up from behind Gumball] Actually, it sounds pretty fun!

Gumball [nervous laugh] Hi, Penny...

Zack [showing off by rocking back in chair] Well, it's decided then.

[shows bus, voices singing wheel on the bus]


Rocky: Now let's sing the happy birthday song! [pulls in fairground]

Gumball [sighs] Here it goes, Darwin... [climbs out of bus with Darwin to find Zack and Penny waiting]

Darwin: [enthusiastically] Hello!

Penny: Hey, dudes! Rocky got us wristbands-" [lifts band to reveal a yellow band underneath]

Rocky: Here you go! I'll guard the bus! [throws bands at Gumball and Darwin, Group walks away awkwardly]

Rocky [Runs out of bus, leaving it open]

[in park, walking awkwardly]

Zack: [points to stomach destroyer] let's go on that one; you guys wouldn't last thirteen seconds without being sick to your stomach.

Gumball [angrily] HEY! I COULD LAST LONGER THEN YOU!!!

Darwin: YEAH!!!

[boys move near eachother, fists beared.

Penny [getting in between] Er- this bet is pointless; because I could last longer then you three combined.

Zack [questioningly] Bet? Pfft, sounds good with me. [shakes hands with Gumball, Darwin about to take it until he jerks it away.]

Gumball: [indignantly] Ten dollars says I can do it longer! [Skips away, Zack running after]

Penny: [facepalm] Wait up! [runs after them]

Darwin: [looking around] Hey, wait for me! [runs in the direction Penny, Zack and Gumball went]

[in line]

Darwin [nudging Gumball, whispering] Dude, don't forget Penny's here, and are you sure about this?

Gumball [chuckling] Haha, Darwin, you are hilarious sometimes!

[Gumball and Darwin glance at Penny, who is drinking a soda behind them, GUmball turns red]

Zack: What's wrong, Gumball, scared that a girl's going to beat you?

Gumball: pfft. No!

Zack: [rolls eyes and turns forward]

Jacob: That was AWESOME!

Gumball: Jacob? What are you doing?

Jacob: My mom planned me and Bobert to go to the fair.

Zack: Then where's Bobert?

Jacob: ON the stomach destroyer

Darwin: Cool! Wanna join us?

Jacob: Sure. But as soon as your done with your ride.

All: Ok!

Jacob: See you dudes later! Well, 3 dudes. 1 gal.

Gumball: [one eye on Penny] sigh... Oh! We're next!

[Shows kids on stomach destroyer tall drop; falls]

All: [cheering]

[Shows group getting off destroyer]

Jacob: Did you have a good ride?

Penny: Yes! It was amazing!

Jacob: Good! Well, a little birdie told me about your wager. And well… [Pulls out 10 bucks]

Zack: Sounds good with me.

Darwin: Wait, what about Bobert?

Jacob: He went with Rocky on the destroyer, and decided to be his partner.

Darwin: Oh. [Thinks] What about we go on the…

[Shows group on an insane ride]

Darwin: [screaming] INSANE O SPAWN!!!

Gumball: [cheerfully] WOOO!

[Banana Joe flying beside them]

Joe: AHHHH! [Passes]

Zack [windblown] THIS IS AWESOME!!!

[Group gets off of ride, dizzy]

Gumball [green, shaking his head] that was… hardcore…

Darwin: [looks nauseated] Yeah…

Jacob: [yelling happily] Come on; it wasn’t that bad!

Penny: That’s easy for you to say! Robots can’t even feel sick!

Jacob: Oh yeah, I forgot…

Zack: Come on guys, let’s get on Sky Drop!

[Shows extremely long line, Larry admitting people]

Jacob: Somehow, that line looks scarier than the ride…

Penny: Jacob’s right. We should go on something else! [Leads group out]

Larry: Hey kids, enjoy the ride?

Gumball: Yeah; very…

Penny: Sickening?

Gumball [turning from green to red] Yeah! That’s it!

Zack: [snorts]

Darwin: We should play some games.

Jacob: Yes.



  • This episode is named after the season 2 Gumball episode, The Fair.
  • This is the first episode Penny has made involving Zack.
  • All members: this is something special to thank youm guys!
  • Based off a true story that Penny, Darwin, Carmen and Gumball get into the bet at the fair.
  • This is the 1st appearance of Jacob.



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