Gumball and Nicole enjoy their new life after Nicole and Richard's divorce.

A family bath is relaxing, but also ruins a marriage. In the original transcript, the tub was supposed to be filled with cheese, but the idea was used in the Gumball season 2 episode The Tag. The idea changed and the Watterson's are bathing in water instead.

The title screen

The Divorce is an upcoming Season 7 episode of The Amazing World of Gumball.


After coming home to a trashed up house, Nicole wants a divorce and a new life.


More details are explained in the creator's concept drawings:




It's quitting day at the Rainbow Factory and Nicole is ready to go home.

Nicole: Bye, Yuki. See you tomorrow.

One hour later, Nicole drives Anais home.

Nicole: Ugh! That Yuki. I can't stand her any longer!

Anais: Why, mom? I thought you made up with her after all that drama.

Nicole: Yeah, but her life is better than mine. Anais, where are your brothers?

Anais: They decided to play hooky. AGAIN!

Nicole: At least we made it back to our beautiful house.

Nicole and Anais walk in to find messy splatters in their house.

Nicole: What happened to our house? It looks like the set of a horror movie.

Nicole turns toward Gumball and Darwin furiously.

Nicole: GUMBALL! DARWIN! I thought you had measles!

Gumball: We took medicine and now we feel better.

Nicole angrily approaches Richard.

Richard: Hi, Nicole.

Nicole: I leave you alone from 9 to 5 and this is how you repay me? CLEAN THIS HOUSE NOW! I'm going to take a bath.

Nicole storms upstairs to the bathroom.

Richard: Well you're just in time.

Later in the bath, Nicole discovers that Richard and the kids are in the bath with her.

Nicole: I have to share a bath with my family? You've gone too far!

That night, Nicole sneaks into Gumball and Darwin's room wearing a ski mask on her head. She grabs Gumball and stuffs him in a garbage bag. Later Gumball crawls out of the bag in the middle of a gas station.

Gumball: What the what? Officer, I've been kidnapped!

Nicole takes off her ski mask.

Nicole: Gumball, it's me.

Gumball: Mom?! Why did you kidnap me and what the what is that frying pan for?

Nicole smacks the Donut Sheriff on the head and then is about to hit Gumball with it.

Gumball: Please don't hurt me with that.

Then Nicole hits Gumball in the head with the frying pan. The next morning, Gumball wakes up in a mansion with a sore on his head.

Gumball: What a terrible night. Where am I and how did I end up here?

A penguin walks in to greet Gumball.

Penguin Butler: Good morning, Gumball. I am your butler.

Gumball: OH MY GOSH! There's a penguin in my room!

Gumball: WHAT THE WHAT!! (discovers he was in a world class mansion)

Gumball: Mom? (looks at Nicole

Nicole: Gumball, welcome to our new home!

Gumball: Where is Darwin??

Nicole: I left him in Richard's house, that applies to Anais too


Nicole: Don't worry, everything is fine ,me and your dad just had a.. little argument

Gumball: do you...mean...you both....divorced?!

Gumball screams.

Nicole: Gumball, I know it is hard to say goodbye but I cannot live with your dad anymore, maybe you will give it a try anyways?

gumball:*moans* Guess I'll give it a try.

Mecha Divorce (Song) A.K.A Second Half

[Speaking] Gumball: I guess I'll turn on some tunes to make me feel less gloomy and get used to this lifestyle. [Song Starts]


You feel the certificate for their love is rip-i-in [Rip-EH-in]

For your entire life they've been risking it.

Risking what?? YOU!!



At age 12 you realized they weren't happy, now your life is getting crappy.



Back at Richard's house

Anais starts screaming

Darwin: What happened? I heard a little baby crying!

Anais: *slaps Darwin in the face*

Richard: what is going on? I searched for Nicole and gumball all night.

Anais: Look there's a note on the bed!

Richard:*reads* "I took gumball to a mansion, we are officially divorced."


Back at Nicole's house, Gumball and Nicole argue!

Gumball: Give me back my brother!

Nicole: No, you wont see your brother!

Gumball cries

Nicole: You have to learn to live this way, please give it a try sweetie...

gumball: You know what, I'm leaving! I wont live this way!

Nicole: Alright, I hope you live walking twenty miles from here.

gumball: Twenty, what where are we?!

Nichole: Las Vegas.

gumball: Ugh, can I at least video call Darwin?

Nichole: Alright, thank goodness this phone arrived today.

Gumball: Thank you Mrs. Mom!

Back at Richard's house, Darwin is crying and looking at pictures of Gumball and Richard is shopping with Anais.

Darwin; The phone is ringing!

Gumball: Hello Darwin!

Darwin: Gumball are you alright?

Anais has been invited to the phone call and she picks up.

Anais: Gumball thank goodness your okay!

Darwin: Where are you?!

gumball: Well Mrs. Mom took me to Las Vegas, I guess I'm stuck here.

Anais: Lucky..

Darwin: My birthday is tomorrow and I can spend all of our money to come!

Gumball: Good!

Penny joins the video call.

Penny: Gumball where are you? That doesn't look like your house!

Gumball: My parents divorced and somehow mom got a mansion in Las Vegas.

Penny: Lu- Err, that's a bit sad, I hope you'll enjoy it. Anyways, I love you Gumball.

Gumball: I love you too, Penny.

Nicole: Gumball we are going to the just opened Joyful burger!

gumball: It looks so big..... Well, I'll see you guys soon!

All: Bye!

Gumball and the others hanged up.

That night at Nicole's mansion

Nicole: *whispering* Gumball wants to go home.... Well not for long!

Nicole swaps Gumball's soda with a strange looking drink from the awesome store.

The next day at Richard's house

Darwin: Alright guys, we are all packed up and ready to go to Las Vegas right?

Richard: Yes, I also packed my chips!

Anais: I hope Richard gets a job soon.

Darwin: Remember the time he got a job as a pizza guy...?

Anais: Uh, maybe we should do something to get money.

Anais, Darwin, and Richard got into the car and started driving.

They made it to the house and Darwin and Anais came in the house.

Darwin and Anais: Gumball we made it!

Gumball: Ugh, get out of here I'm not your brother anymore!

Darwin: Gumball, please come back, we miss you!

Gumball: Uh, nah, I'm too cool and rich to be seen with you losers!

Anais: Why is gumball acting so strange?

Darwin: I don't know!

Anais: You know, he kind of reminds me of Zach for some reason.

Darwin: And mom told him that was his name and that activated him.....

Anais and Darwin: *gasps* IT MUST BE MOM'S FAULT!!!

Anais: SHE MUST'VE...



Darwin: Doesn't that kind of stuff come from the Awesome Store?

Anais: Yea... But what would she have used to control him? It must've been at night while he was sleeping.

Richard finally speaks up and says: I remember every night he gets a soda from the fridge. One time I was sleeping on the couch and he woke me up.

It takes a moment for Richard, Anais, and Darwin to realize...


Gumball: You do know I have been standing here the whole time right?

All: Oh yeah.



Gumball glances at Richard with an odd stare.

Penguin Butler: What may I do for you, Gummypuss?

Gumball: One, don't call me that, two, figure out what's wrong with mom.

Penguin Butler: Uhm, okay.

Darwin: What? We don't even have to convince you to believe us?

Gumball: I mean, I vividly remember getting soda from the fridge. But my memories have been taken over by Zach... WAIT!! ZACH! I HAVEN'T EVEN LOST ANYTHING!

Anais: Ahem

Gumball: Well I only lost you for a day so far.

Darwin: So that's why we easily convinced you, Zach will lose control at times!

Anais: Let's see the vile he dra-

Anais gets interrupted by loud stomps and screams

Nicole: GUMBALL!

Anais, Darwin, Richard, and soon to be Zach say "RUN!" and run, surprisingly.

Running Rumpus (Song) Ending

It's a Running Rumpus, better watch out! Otherwise your gonna be knocked out!

We're causing a Rumpus on the seas, best you just please.

It's a rumpus, I hate trumpets.

Zippin' on ice! Slippin' on lice. Now time to punt the lice, oh shut up you c- Nevermind.

You are a wuss, and your mom is a puss.


The Watterson's go into the alley where Nicole corners the others.

Gumball: You know what, we don't have time for this. Could we just take a time machine and pretend this didn't happen?

Nicole: Ugh, fine. But you better clean the house and not go into the bathtub this time!

Anais, Richard, Darwin, Gumball: Okay.

Nicole storms away a bit angry.

Anais: Ya know, that was a bit unsatisfying.

Darwin: It's fine with me if this doesn't happen again.

Anais, Richard, Gumball: Mhm.


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