The Competition

~i love penny





Minor Characters




Miss simian


-home dinner table-

Gumball: "Darwin did you know some guy is coming over to our house?"

Darwin: "Really?" "Who?"

Gumball: "I don't know yet" "Mom went to pick him up"

Darwin: *jumps up and down* "I can't wait!"

Anais: *comes into dinner table room* "You guys are exited that some stranger is going to stay at our house for a while?"

Darwin: "Yup"

Anais: *shakes head* "Wow you guys can be dumb sometimes"

Gumball: "Thanks sis"

-car pulls up in front of house-

Anais: "There is mom"

Gumball and Darwin: "Yay!" *goes to front yard*

-zack and nicole get out of car-

Nicole: "Guys this will be your'e room mate for awhile" "His name is zack"

Gumball: "Hey there!" *pulls out hand to shake*

Zack: "Sup" *takes hand*

Darwin: "Hi there I'm Darwin"

Zack: *looks angry* "i know who you are"

Darwin: "uh..." *looks nervous*

Nicole: "will i'm going to work see you guys later"

-Nicole leaves-

Everyone: "bye"

Gumball: "so Zack what do you want to do first?"

Zack: "i want to face Darwin in a bubble blowing competition!"

Darwin: "why?"

Zack: "cause i want to see who can blow a bigger bubble!"

Gumball: "looks like we going to have a little fight"

Darwin: "but i'm a pasafish"

Gumball: "its not a real fight"

Darwin: "oh"

Zack: *puts gum in mouth*

Gumball: "zack not now later"

Zack: "ok"

-tomorrow at school-

Darwin: "Zack your'e going to our class room?!"

Zack: "ya i just signed up"

Miss simian: "class this is our new student zack!"

Class: "hi zack"

Zack: "hi" *goes to seat right next to penny and gumball*

Gumball: "dude you seat here"

Zack: "thats where miss simian told me to sit down"

Penny: "welcome to elmore zack"

Zack: *blushes* hi penny

Darwin: "dude are you blushing?!"

Zack: "no!"

Darwin: "your'e face is red"

Zack: "darwin shut it"

Penny: "uh..."

Zack: "me and darwin going to have a competition on saterday you coming?"

Miss simian: "stop talking!"

Zack: "sorry miss simian"


Gumball: "zack you were blushing when penny was talking to you why?"

Zack: "just nervous" "i guess"

Gumball: "hmm..."


Zack: "ready Darwin?"

Darwin: "i guess"

Zack: *puts gum in mouth* "cool"

Darwin: *breathing in*

Gumball: "ok guys ready?"

Zack: *thumbs up*

Darwin: *shakes head*

Gumball: "ok start in" "3... 2... 1..." "GO"

Zack and Darwin: *start blowing bubbles*

Gumball: "hmm..."

-1 min later-

Gumball: "if no one pops there bubble its a tie"

-zack and darwin bubble pop-

Gumball: "wow"

Zack: "so who won?"

Darwin: "ya who won?"

Gumball: "it looks like a tie"

Zack: "what?!"

Gumball: "you and darwins bubble popped at the same time"

Zack: "seriously?"

Gumball: "yup"