The Carnival

~i love penny


so gumball finally got the courage to ask penny to the carnival and penny said yes *penny's house* she can only go if her sister comes and gumball said he had to bring anais with him so they decide to put them in a group


&nbsp -school-

Gumball: "He-hey penny"

Penny: "Hey Gumball"

Gumball: "Wou-would you like to go to the carnivial with me" *closes one eye and half of the other*

Penny: "I would love to"

Gumball: *stands up staright and toward penny* "YOU WOULD?!"

Penny: "Of course i would"

Gumball: "Great!" "I will pick you up on saterday" *points with two fingers and thumbs up at penny*

Penny: "will hope to see you saterday gumball" *wink* *walks away*

Gumball: *blushes* *waves* "bye penny"

Darwin: "dude you just scored a date with penny!" *smiling*

-shows tobais hiding behind wall-

Tobais: "hmm" Banana Joe: "what are you doing?"

Tobias: "checking out the penny and gumball"

Banana joe: "ok" *walks away*

-shows miss simian-



Gumball: "mom i got a date saterday!"

Nicole: "are you sure it's a date?" "We don't want what happened last time you thought it was a date"

Gumball: "But mom its true i got a date!"

Nicole: "ok sweety but bring anais with you"

Gumball: "mom why do i have to bring her?!"

Nicole: "cause she is your'e little sister and wants to try out the new ride"

Gumball: "ugh fine" "i will bring anais with me"

Anais: "yay!"

-Penny's house-

Gumball: "remember sis this is my date"

Anais: "i know gumball" "now stop annoying me and ring the door bell"

Gumball: "just checking if you heard me" *rings door bell*

  • penny opens door*

Penny: "hey there gumball"

Gumball: "hey there penny" "I'm sorry but i had to bring my sis with me" *shows anais*

Penny: "you to huh" "I also have to bring my sister along" *shows Penny's sister*

Gumball: "guess this is not going to be a real date after all"

Penny: "guess not"

Anais: "are we going to the carnival now?!"

Gumball: "ya we are going"


Gumball: "so what first?"

Penny's sister: *jumps up and down* "how about that one?!" *points to ride*

Penny: *looks at gumball sadly* *shrug*

Anais: "Ya what about that ride!"

Gumball: "ok here are some tickets" *gives tickets to anais* "now go and ride while me and penny go over to another ride"

Anais: *grabs tickets* "ok but if mom hears about this she will get mad at you"

Gumball: "she will only know if you tell here" "come on penny lets ride the stomach destroyer"

Penny: *grabs gumball by arm* "Ok"

Gumball and Penny: *walks towards the destroyer*

Anais: "ok then see you here when your'e done with your'e tickets!"

Penny's sister: "Where is my sister going with that guy?"

Anais: "she is going to stomach destoryer with him"

Penny's sister: "oh" "will i want to go!"

Anais: "we are to small to ride that"

Penny's sister: "but i want to go with sister!"

Anais: "you can go later but right now lets just ride the tea cups"

Penny's sister: *looks down sad* "ok"

Anais and Penny's sister: *walks to ride while holding hands*

-after rides are done and back where to meet each other-

Penny: "Gumball i had a GREAT time!"

Gumball: *blushes*

Penny: "i just hoped that my sister is ok"

Gumball: "um... uh penny"

Penny: "yes gumball?"

Gumball: "i was wondering"

-floating universe-

Penny: *looks around bit scared*

Gumball: "sho-should we?"

Penny: *puckers up and moves forward*

Gumball: *puckers up and moves forward*

Anais: "HEY!"

-moment ends before kissing-

Gumball: *facepalm* "anais what was that for?!"

Anais: "um i lost penny's sister"

Penny: *looks schocked* you lost my sister?!"

Anais: "ya because you guys left and she wanted to be with you guys!"

Penny: "i told you gumball!"

Gumball: "wil-will its not my fault that anais left her unnoticed"

Anais: "will it's your'e fault that you left me with her!"

Penny: "HEY!" "stop arguing and lets find my sister!"

Gumball: "ok lets go find her " "i will search by the stomach destoryer cause thats where we first went"

Penny: "thats a great idea gumball!" "i will check the ride we rode last"

Anais: "what about me?"

Gumball: "you can just stay here just in case she comes back"

Anais: *puffs* "fine"

-split up and hour later-

Gumball: "anyone find her?"

Penny: *starting to cry* "no"

Gumball: "huh where is anais?"

Penny: "we lost her to?!"

Gumball: "looks like it"

Penny: "if i don't return home soon i will be in big trouble!"

Gumball: "don't worry penny!" "we will find them"

Penny: *starts to cry again* "you better hope so"

Gumball: *grabs penny's arm* *pats hand* "don't worry every thing will be fine"

Penny: "where should we start looking gumball?"

Gumball: "um..."

Penny: *points to tea cup ride* "looks like anais"

Gumball: "lets go over and see"

Penny: "ok"

-walks over to ride-

Gumball and Penny: *looks around*

Gumball: "see anything?"

Penny: "no not yet"

Gumball: "ugh where did they go?"

Penny: "um lets check the destoryer"

Gumball: "but i all ready checked there" "And no one was there"

Penny: "oh ya" *facepalm*

Gumball: "don't hit your'e self"

Penny: "sorry gumball" "but i'm getting scared right now"

Gumball: "don't worry penny!" " we will find them"

Penny: *sits down and cries* "but what if we don't"

Gumball: *wraps around penny shoulder* *silently says yes* "we will find them"

Penny: *puts head on gumball's shoulder* *cries*

Gumball: "penny why are you crying?" *frowns*

Penny: "cause we will never find my sister"

Gumball: *sighs*

Penny: *wipes tears away* *sniff* "ok lets go find them"

-meanwhile at someplace unknown-

Tobias: "hello there childeren"

Penny's sister: *cries loudly*

Anais: "what do you want with us?"

Tobias: "i want penny!"

Anais: *looks at tobias confused*

Tobias: "ugh" "i want penny to be my girlfriend!"

Penny's sister: *still crying*

Anais: "so you kidnapped us just for penny?"

Tobias: *nods* "yup"

Anais: "wow"

Tobias: "so what you think of my plan?"

Anais: "you want my opinion?" "and plz make her stop crying!"

Tobias: *gives penny's sister lollipop*

Penny's sister: *stops crying and starts sucking on lollipop*

Anais: "will first off your'e plan is dumb" "second if penny here's about this she will never forgive you"

Tobias: *starts thinking*

Anais: "and thrid you will go to jail for kidnapping us"

Tobias: "hmm"

Anais: "so you going to let us go?"

Tobias: "um i don't know"

Anais: "i won't tell penny or the police"

Tobias: "but i REALLY! want penny"

Anais: *sigh looks down*

Penny's sister: "I WANT TO GO HOME!"

-back to gumball and penny-

Gumball: "uh did you here that?"

Penny: "hear what?"

Gumball: "your'e sister"

Penny: *eyes wide* "YOU HEARD MY SISTER?!"

Gumball: "ya i heard her!"

Penny: "do you know where you heard her?!"

Gumball: "will it was faint but it was defiantly your'e sister"

Penny: *grabs gumball two arms* "come on gumball find them!"

Gumball: *moves ears around*

-back at unknown place-

Penny's sister: "I WANt TO GO HOME!"

Tobias: "will you be quiet!"

Anais: "she will not stop unless you let her go"

Tobias: *blind folds kids*

Anais: "why are you blind folding us?"

Tobias: *lets penny's sister free* " now go tell penny your'e ok"

Anais: "WHAT?!"

-back to gumball-

Gumball: *ears twitching* "its gone"

Penny: "what do you mean gone?"

Gumball: "i don't here her voice anymore"

Penny: *grabs gumball ears* "come on gumball use this!"

Gumball: "ow my ears!" "sorry but i don't here it anymore"

Penny: *starts to cry again*

Gumball: "don't worry we will find them"

Penny: *looks up* "its my sister!"

Gumball: *turns around* "where is my sister?"

Penny: *runs to her sister*

Penny's siser: *runs to penny* *giggling*

Penny and Penny's sister: *hug*

Gumball: "um sorry to interrupt but i still need to find my sister"

Penny: *ok sis do you know where anais is?"

Penny's sister: *nods*

Gumball: "GREAT!" "where is she?"

Penny's sister: *starts walking toward trailers*

Penny: "lets go gumball"

Gumball: "ok"

-outside of trailers-

Penny: "which one?"

Penny's sister: "i don't know" "he blind folded us so i don't know which one it is"

Gumball: "who got you?"

Penny's sister: *shrug*

Gumball: *facepalm* "guess we have to check every single trailer"

Penny: "don't worry gumball we will find her"

-after half hour of search threw the trailers-

Gumball: "this is last trailer"

Penny: "ok gumball open it"

Gumball: *tries to open door* "its locked"

Voice: "who is there?"

Gumball: "can you open the door please?"

Voice: "no i can't"

Gumball: *looks at penny weirdly* "why not?"


Gumball: "I'M COMING SIS!"

Gumball: *smashes threw wall* *looks around for anais*


Gumball: "well next time let me in"

Penny: *looks threw broken wall* "wow gumball!"

Anais: "hey gumball untie me"

Tobias: "oh no you don't"

Gumball: "why not?"

Tobias: "cause um"

Anais: "he wants penny all to him self"

Penny: *looks at tobias* "tobias you know i like gumball right?"

Tobias: *sadly* "yes i know"

Penny: "so what are you going to do?"

Tobias: "sent them free?"

Penny: *nods*

Tobias: *head down* "fine" *unties anais*

Gumball: "see penny i told you we would find them"

Penny: "ya i guess your'e right"

Tobias: "so penny would you like to go out?"

Penny: "no"


  • Penny
  • Gumball
  • Anais
  • Penny's sister
  • Tobias

Minor Characters

  • Banana Joe
  • Miss Simian
  • Nicole
  • Darwin