In The Cafeteria

[Scene shows Elmore Junior High during a cloudy day. Lewis and Sticky are hanging out in the cafeteria, which is occupied by only a handful of students. The cafeteria lights are dim, with some lights being off (this was because Rocky was doing some business with them) and so because of this, It is darker than usual. It is not raining, but there is frequent lightning and thunder.]
Sticky: "You see, there was once a belief that whenever the sound of thunder was created, the gods above had made a strike in a game of bowling"
[He takes in a spoonful of lasagna.]
Sticky: [through lasagna] "Another belief was that thunderclaps were the clapping of some other gods who were clapping for the god who made the strike"
Lewis: "So what? There was bowling already in ancient times?"
Sticky: "I believe so. The Ancient Egyptians had a form of bowling 3,000 to 5,000 years ago"
Lewis: "Oh, wow. Really? What's next, football being invented by the Ancient Greeks?"
Sticky: "Not precisely, but they had a similar game called Episkyros. There was also medieval football"
Lewis: "Me… Dieval?"
[Lewis imagines knights (with full battle armor on) playing modern football.]
Lewis: "Well Sticky. Say something else that can't impress me"
Sticky: "Another atmospheric phenomenon is ball lightning-"
Lewis: "Was this like the ball of the gods or something?"
Sticky: "Er, no. It's an unexplained electrical phenomenon. Ball lightning usually occurred on thunderstorms"
Lewis: "You mean like this one?"
[As he says this, a flash of lightning is followed by a crackle of thunder. Then it begins drizzling.]
Sticky: "Yes, mostly. Ball lightning is very unpredictable, being different from time to time. It can move up or down, or sideways; vary in size and color, and appear randomly. They can even explode, pop or just disappear harmlessly"
Lewis: "What do they look like?"
Sticky: "Isn't it obvious?"
Lewis: "Not really. But do they look like that?"
[Lewis points to a nearby ball of lightning floating by the cafeteria doors. At this, Sticky screamed.]
Sticky: "Get down!"
[At once, they both get down and take cover under their table. Sticky glances at the ball of lightning. It does not explode, but just floats there. Then he sees Gumball.]
Sticky: "What in the name of names?"
[Sticky sees that the "ball of lightning" is actually alive, and not an actual ball of lightning. It had a face, limbs and a pair of wings. It was smiling as Gumball (to his disbelief) held what seemed to be its hand, and walked across the cafeteria.]
Sticky: "That's no ball lightning… That's…"
Lewis: "Is it safe?"
Sticky: "Er…"
Lewis: "I'll take that as a yes"
[They both get up from under the table, and look at Gumball with a shell-less Penny.]
Lewis: "Is it me, or is Gumball holding the hand of a ball of lightning?"
[Sticky continues staring. Then he notices the shape of the glowing creature was identical to Penny's, and that it had similar antlers. He finally grasps the truth.]
Sticky: "... Penny?"
[As he says this, Gumball, Penny and Darwin (who Sticky had only noticed now when he was close enough) pass close by their table. At this, the beautiful and bright creature (Penny) stops at their table. Penny looks at Sticky. She has a smile on her face. Gumball looks at Sticky as if expecting him to make an offending remark to Penny.]
Sticky: "You're... Pretty. Without your shell I presume?"
Penny: [nods] "Thanks"
[At this, Gumball and Penny continue on their way (both proud, and happy at Sticky's compliment). Darwin follows them, neither merrily nor sulkily. Sticky continues to gape after them. Then he finally shuts his mouth, and wanders deep in thought.]
Lewis: "Penny without her shell? That's her? Get outta here!"
[Lewis laughs, then looked at Sticky as if expecting him to laugh along and say it was a joke. But he doesn't, and Lewis stops laughing. There is silence.]
Lewis: "Wait… You're not joking? That's her TRUE form???" [Gasps] [chokes on tongue] [Implodes]

School Presentation

[Scene changes to Elmore Junior High again, but this time it is sunny. Lewis and Sticky are walking in the hallway, off to their classroom to do some work (even though it is still recess). Sticky is writing something on a small book.]
Lewis: "What are you writing?"
Sticky: [startled] "Say what?" [calmly] "Oh, just some notes for our…you know-school project"
[Lewis taps the side of his head.]
Lewis: "Oh yeah, almost forgot about that"
[After writing down some notes, Sticky somehow fits his small book into a pocket in his flatter-than-flat 2-Dimensional frame.]
Lewis: "So first things first. We've got to get ready for our class presentation"
Sticky: "That is true. Did you bring the projectile?"
[Lewis takes a marble-sized ball of aluminum foil from his pocket.]
Lewis: "You bet I did!"
Sticky: "No I didn't…unless that was a figure of speech?"
Lewis: "… It was. Did you bring the whatchamacallit?"
[Sticky (by some way) takes out a small, but heavy metal box from one of his pockets. He opens it, and takes out a contraption that resembled a miniature homemade railgun. A notable exception is that it was converted to an actual hand-held weapon, complete with a small wooden bipod. Included with it inside the box are a bunch of wires, and another (smaller) metal box.]
Sticky: "Of course"
Lewis: "Awesome"
[Just as they arrived at the door of their classroom, Matt and Tobias appear behind them as if they just popped up from nowhere.]
Tobias​​​​​: "Hey Sticko, can we borrow your camera?"
[Sticky places the railgun back inside its box.]
Sticky: "Uh greetings, and why do you need it?"
Tobias​​​​​: "We need it for our presentation"
Lewis: "But…you're not even in our class"
Matt: "He meant he needed it for his presentation since…I helped" *snickers*
[Tobias half grins, half sneers. Regardless, both students with headbands (Matt and Tobias) nodded. Sticky raises an eyebrow.]
Sticky: "Ooooookay then"
Matt and Tobias​​​​​: "Yes!"
Sticky: "Shhh!" [whispers] "But I only allow Matt to handle it"
[Quietly, both Matt and Tobias nod.]
Sticky: "Okay. You know where it is, Matt"
Matt: "I know it very well as a rock can be!"
[Then they both go on their way.]
Sticky: [muttering] "… Sometimes I do not get his expressions"
[Sticky hisses after them quietly.]
Sticky: "Also remember to keep it hidden. Be careful with it!"
[Matt turns to his back, and gives a grin with a thumbs up to Sticky.]
Sticky: "Do not forget to remove the memory card, and use another one!" [thought] "That memory card contains all my images-"
[Then for a moment, everything becomes dark. A beam of light lights up Sticky's face eerily (as if he were telling a scary story).]
Sticky: [grimly] "And none must see what it contains"
[Then immediately, everything goes back to normal. Sticky brings out his small book and pencil again, writes some notes down and fits them back in his pocket. Then he turns to Lewis.]
Sticky: "I just hope he is more cautious. Last time, the school hamster almost ate it up"
Lewis: "You have a camera? Here in school?"
Sticky: "Hush!"
[Sticky closes Lewis' mouth like velcro.]
Sticky: [whispers] "Yes, it is a fact" [literally beaming] "I was once a proud photographer" [twitches]
[Lewis opens his mouth like a velcro.]
Lewis: "You were the school photographer?"
Sticky: "Well… Sort of. When I was still really into photography, my knowledge of photography was respected, and I became known throughout the school for that. I became the unofficial school photographer, and I imaged every memorable event"
[Sticky takes Lewis into a flashback. From season 1 and season 2, Sticky is seen hidden in unnoticeable (or not easily accessible) places with a camera, taking snapshots and pictures of people and things. He takes photos of students, objects and places. Amongst many of his photos, Sticky remembers himself photographing: the cheerleaders; Gumball tackling the football team; Gumball and Darwin laughing at Leslie; Masami and Molly; Banana Joe and Tobias doing dares; Penny and Gumball; Miss Simmian in Principal Brown's office: and music class. Then they are brought back to the present time. Sticky's eyes shine, then are filled with sadness.]
Sticky: "But it was then that a rule was passed in the school that banned all 'unauthorized' gadgets or devices within school perimeters. I tried to get permission to enable me to continue using my camera, but they would not have any of it. As was natural, people started forgetting about my accomplishments as a photographer. So, my photographing days in school were over…or so I make everyone believe" [whispering] "I hide my camera and t-take a few snapshots every once in a while… Well, sort of"
[Sticky twitches again. He swats himself as if to stop this, then rubs his arm.]
Lewis: [nods] "Hmm. That's impressive. But I don't really see how people could forget that fast. You've been a photographer for…a year?"
Sticky: "Started four years ago, ended never. For school though, maybe just over half a year ago"
Lewis: "Let's see about that then. Hey there!"
[Lewis points at an Egghead, and calls him over. Sticky starts taking notes down again on his small book.]
Lewis: "Do you remember this guy?" [gesturing to Sticky] "School photographer?"
Colin: "Domino, the school photographer? I had no idea"
Sticky: [sigh] "Forget it Lewis, t-that subject is in the past"
[Sticky replaces his notebook, and turns to Colin.]
Sticky: "By the way, can you assist me with a problem?"
Colin: "What may this problem be?"
Sticky: "I have a small problem with this" [gestures to the railgun's box] "I tried testing it , but it would not work properly and discharge correctly"
[The Egghead takes a look at the metal box's contents. Then he inspects the gadget itself.]
Colin: "Ah! It must be the capacitors. You must have not welded them properly. Here…"
[As they chatters about, Lewis waits patiently. Then he plays with his ears and moved them all around his head (literally).]
Sticky: "... But I did. In fact, my dad is very skilled with welding and metalwork. The electric currents…"
[Lewis stops playing with his ears.]
Lewis: "Uh guys?"
Sticky: "… A plasma charge, then my can of soda partially disintegrated when it went off without much warning. Good thing I was focused on my biodynamic experiment…"
[Lewis, now getting bored starts listening to their conversation. But he finds most of what they said to each other even more boring, or alien to him. The facts start to make his head ache and throb.]
Colin: "By the way, did you witness the recent events of the blood moon?"
Sticky: "Oh yes, I did! It was very magnificent, just fantastic! It was quite an event, my second time witnessing it. Sometimes I think that the moon may just be in for the act since it is almost Halloween haha! Um Lewis, can you please stop drooling on our project?"
Lewis: [snores] "Huh? Oh yeah, yeah. I was just taking a nap since… Yeah"
[Lewis (initially slumped over the railgun's box) suddenly bolts upright. Then he smiles to show that he is just fine, and not totally bored out by them.]

Moving Sticky's Creation

[Sticky and Lewis are in the classroom, carrying the box of Sticky's creation to his desk. Sticky's creation is quite heavy, but they manage to lift it up. It is late recess.]
Sticky: "Be careful. It took me about a week to finish this"
Lewis: "You could have added wheels or something"
Sticky: "I might just have to consider that"
[They finally arrive at their destination, and carefully place Sticky's creation on his desk. Lewis opens the box, and stares at the creation as if it was his own son, and he had just created it himself. Sticky brings out his small book again, and writes down notes on it.]
Lewis: "I'm still amazed that we're doing a railgun for our school project presentation"
Sticky: "Haha! I guess you can say that we're 'rail'y going to pass this one!"
[Lewis stares blankly at Sticky. Sticky smiles, then eventually frowns in embarrassment. Lewis starts to tinker with Sticky's creation.]
Lewis: "I also think it's best that we leave all those puns to Matt"
[At this, Sticky suddenly becomes more attentive. He twitches, swats himself, and shows concern on his face.]
Sticky: "By the way, I wonder what Matt is up to..."


[Somewhere in the schoolyard, Tobias and Matt are hiding behind a tree and stalking people. Matt (with the camera) is taking pictures of Penny. Then once he is done, he takes an image of Mr. Small nearby (the flash surprising the school counselor). Matt shows the photo to Tobias. They both snicker at Mr. Small's surprised face. Then Mr. Small approaches them and frowns, hands on hips. Both Matt and Tobias only smile sheepishly as Mr. Small towers over them.]

Camera Troubles

[Together, Sticky and Lewis start setting up their railgun.]
Sticky: "Well… Whatever it is, I trust that he's taking good care of my camera"
[Sticky continues writing on his book.]
Lewis: "Of course he is. Matt always keeps his word. You know, I've noticed you're so attached to this camera"
Sticky: "I love my camera"
Lewis: "Funny seeing that you're afraid of cameras"
Sticky: "I'm not afraid. I'm just…"
Lewis: "What?"
Sticky: [sigh] 'I'm just… 'photo shy'. I know I have no reason to be shy, but-NO WAIT STOP!"
[Lewis inserts a ball of foil in the railgun. When Sticky's voice rings out, both Lewis and Sticky fall down on the ground as if on instinct. Suddenly, there is a big purple flash followed by a big bang.]
Sticky: "I should have probably warned you…"
[They both get up from the ground, and stare at the railgun. It is still in one piece, although one end was smoking. Nearest the smoking end (pointed towards the classroom wall), there is a deep, and fairly sized smoldering hole in the wall with cracks around it. Lewis just looks at Sticky, and laughs nervously. Sticky quickly attends to his small book and pencil. He checks if his book was still intact.]
Lewis: "Whoops… I'll just uh..."
[Looking around the classroom, he finds a poster on the teacher's desk. Lewis then takes it, and posts it over the hole in the wall, completely concealing it. Ironically, the poster has on it: "Nothing to hide! Have an open mind!". Lewis, satisfied with this turns to Sticky only to notice some strange images in Sticky's notebook.]
Lewis: "What's that?"
Sticky: [startled] "Huh? Not… Ing. Just taking down more notes"
Lewis: "Oh"
[Matt rushes inside the room.]
Matt: "Hey Sticky!"
[Sticky immediately tucks in his book, and goes over to him in a flash. He is worried.]
Sticky: "Oh, hello Matt. I trust that my camera is in good hands?"
Matt: "… Oh yes. Very good hands"
Sticky: "Back, safe and snug where it was taken?"
Matt: "Yes of-" [coughs] "-course"
Sticky: "In the same place you found it?"
Matt: "Yeah"
Sticky: [suspiciously] "Are you sure?"
Matt: [cough] "Yeah" [clears throat]
Sticky: "Throat problems?"
Matt: "Yeah"
Sticky: "You promise that's the truth?"
Matt: "It's in good hands"
Sticky: "Hmm… Must be a hot day for you. You're sweating at a rapid rate"
[Sticky stares at his friend warily. Then he ventures into deep thought again, and begins writing on his small book.]
Matt: "It's safe, and in one piece!"
Sticky: "… You've certainly done a decent job in trying to deceive me. But please just tell me the truth"
[Matt stops smiling, and frowns. He is visibly distraught.]
Matt: "I'm so sorry man, I wasn't able to bring it back-but it's definitely in one piece"
[Sticky somehow anticipates this. He stops writing.]
Sticky: "What happened this time?"
Matt: "It's because… It has… Your camera… Was… Um taken-uh confiscated… By Mr. Small"
[Somewhere around the universe, a planet is destroyed. For Sticky, it felt as if his heart was the planet. Sticky puts the small book and his pencil back inside his pocket.]
Sticky: "Con... Fiscated?"
Matt: "Yeah. Sorry man, I'm really, really sorry"
Sticky: "… Why?"
Matt: "We kind of annoyed Mr. Small when we took his picture"
Sticky: "What were you even doing that for!?"
Matt: "…" [smiles]
Sticky: "Well, at least I still have the memory card"
Matt: "Oh… About that…"
[Lewis and Matt swear that they could see a cold fire in Sticky's eyes (simple black dots that suddenly shone like dark crystal).]
Sticky: "You forgot to remove the memory card???"
Matt: "…" [smiles]
[Sticky collapses on the floor.]
Lewis: "You okay dude?"
[Sticky continues lying down on the floor.]
Matt: [laughs nervously] "Yeah, that happened last time when his camera was…almost eaten by the school hamster"
[Matt and Lewis place the unconscious Sticky on his seat, and leave him slumped on his desk. They move the railgun and its box outside of the classroom. Lewis places it inside his locker.]
Lewis: [to Matt] "Tsk tsk tsk"
Matt: "What?"
Lewis: "Haven't you heard? As the former unofficial school photographer, Sticky has a history with that camera"
Matt: "Sticky was the school photographer?"
Lewis: [sigh] "You gotta get that camera back, man"
Matt: "If that means stealing it back from Mr. Small and possibly breaking the school rules, I'd rather not"
Lewis: "No. Maybe you could just convince him or something"
Matt: "I'm not so good with that stuff. What about you?"
Lewis: "You're the one responsible"
Matt: "Okay, but can you at least help me?"
Lewis: "Let me think for a second"
[He begins counting down to one second.]
Lewis: "One. Yeah, sure"
[Then Sticky comes to.]
Sticky: "Ugh. Oh what happened? I thought I had a nightmare. I dreamt that my camera was confiscated, and that Matt was responsible for that…"
Lewis: "I hate to say this but…you weren't dreaming"
Sticky: [groans]
Lewis: "No, I meant that you were out for barely a minute. But yeah, that was no dream"
Sticky: [twitches] "Where's Matt?"
Matt: "Yo" [smiles nervously]
Sticky: "My apologies for fainting"
Matt: "No no no no! I'm the one who's sorry"
Sticky: "You don't have to be. I just want you to do something really, really important for me"
Lewis: "Get your camera back? We're on it"
Sticky: "No. I just want you to get the memory card"
Matt: "Only the memory card?"
Sticky: "Yeah. Of course, if you can get the camera back, that would be good too. Lewis, please go assist Matt"
Lewis: "Help him, Sure. But assist? Why? I-"
[Sticky g;ares at him with cold eyes.]
Lewis: "… Guess I could help then"
[Sticky smiles, although still tinged with concern and worry.]
Sticky: "That memory card is very, VERY important. Please bring it back in one piece, and I prefer it if you didn't violate any school rules. Oh-and whatever you do, DO NOT look through my files! But that is only if you happen to access my camera"
Lewis: "Why?"
Sticky: [hisses]
Lewis: "Whoa! Okay. Geez"
Matt: "Don't worry bud, you can count on us!"
Sticky: "Okay, great. Now excuse me, but I'll just um…get a really late snack" eventtwitches
[With that, Sticky leaves the classroom. Both Lewis and Matt are weirded out by Sticky's twitching. Lewis turns to Matt.]
Matt: "What's up with the twitching?"
Lewis: "Just ignore it. So, what's the plan?"
Matt: "Uhhh…"
[Then the bell rings.]
Matt: "Maybe we'll just wait until lunch"
Lewis: "Yeah, good idea"

Mr. Small's Class

[Class time it is. Soon the students came pouring in, and take their seats. Mr. Small comes in, and settles down in the teacher's desk. He clears his voice to get the attention of everyone present and to stop their chattering. He is in a cheery mood.]
Mister Small​​​: "Good morning class!"
Class: "Good morning Mr. Small"
Mister Small​​​: "Now settle down. I'll be teaching you for this next subject"
[There are many groans and frowns.]
Mister Small​​​: "Aw, what's with the sad faces?"
[Suddenly all the frowns were unnaturally pulled upside-down into smiles.]
Mister Small​​​: "That's better. In fact, that's exactly what I'm going to teach"
[The school councilor takes a roll of paper and unrolls it, revealing some sort of diagram about emotions. He stands up, posts these on the blackboard, and begins gesturing to some thingamajigs.]
Mister Small​​​: "The emotions, and their relationships! I'll give you guys a background. So, emotions are…"
[As a dismayed Lewis listens to the boring lectures of Mr. Small, he feels a thump against his head. It was a crumpled note, and so he opened it. It read: "Dude, this is so boring". Lewis wrote "I know right?" on the note, and threw it back at Matt. Soon, they were passing notes at the rate of lightning speed.]
Matt's note: "Hey, wanna check out the comic convention next week?"
Lewis' note: "Heck to the yes!"
Matt's note: "I hope you don't mind, but I kinda invited Banana Joe and Tobias too"
Lewis' note: "You do know that you'll need to pay for all the tickets, right?"
Matt's note: "Nope"
Lewis' note: [drawing of Captain Elmore]
Matt's note: "???"
Lewis: "It's Captain Elmore"
Matt's note: "It looks like a flashlight"
Lewis: "…"
Matt's note: [drawing of King Leonidas from 300]
Lewis' note: "Wow. You should go to art school"
Matt's note: "I think you should, no offense"
Lewis' note: [you don't say meme]
Matt's note: "I'm also gonna get a gold-edition copy of Reorganizers 2: Revenge of the Defeated"
Lewis' note: "That show's lame"
Matt's note: "Whatever"
Lewis' note: "Well I can't wait for the new Japanese films, especially the new Knife Art Online!"
Matt's note: [drawing of a panda and anime girl]
Lewis' note: "Remind me to ask you to draw for me on my birthday"
[Then they stop for a while, as Mr. Small faces them.]
Mister Small​​​: "There is shock, and disbelief! Then anger, and fury comes next. After that, sadness and depression. Then finally there is reconciliation with these emotions, and happiness becomes prevalent. Now for a more in-depth approach…"
[Once he faces away, they resume their conversation.]
Matt's note: "Knock knock"
Lewis' note: "Wat?"
Matt's note: "You're supposed to say 'whose dare' "
Lewis' note: "You mean 'who's' and 'there', right?"
Matt's note: "Sorry, stupid auto correct"
Lewis' note: "Lol. Also, it's 'autocorrect' with no space in-between"
Matt's note: ":/ Grammar Tyrant"
Lewis: "What? Also what is ':/'?"
Matt's note: "You just ruined the joke"
Lewis' note: "Who's there?"
Matt's note: "Forget"
Lewis' note: "Forget who?"
Matt's note: "Forget it"
Mister Small​​​: "According to what I've read, there are many kinds of happiness. The main ones are genuine happiness, and false happiness…"
[Despite the notes, Lewis struggled to listen and keep attentive. No matter how boring or uninteresting the subject was, he still takes down notes and just holds still like a statue as he waited patiently for Mr. Small's lecture to finish. Then somehow, a stray eye of his catches something in Mr. Small's pants. It seemed to be a bulge of some sort in his pocket. When Mr. Small isn't looking, Lewis takes a note, writes a message on it, crumples it, then throws it to Matt. Matt unfolds the note. It read: "Bulge in Mr. Small's pants. Could it be the camera?". Matt snickers, writes something down and throws it at Lewis. It read: "That sounds wrong". Lewis sent back another note. It read: "CAMERA?". And so they continued passing notes.]
Matt's note: "What r u talking about?"
Lewis' note: "Camera could be in his pocket?"
Matt's note: "Oh yeah. I did remember him putting it in his pocket"
Mister Small​​​: "Each emotion borders with each other. For instance, joy can border with sadness in a way. You know, when you're feeling sad and happy at the same time for a friend that's gotten their dream job, but will have to leave you behind; or a departed loved one who can finally rest in happiness" [sighs sadly]
[After he sighs, he sits down at the teacher's desk. He continues to lecture on.]
Lewis' note: "You think we can get it?"
Matt's note: "U kidding, right?"
Lewis' note: "Problem?"
[There is a poorly-drawn but taunting face on his note.]
Matt's note: "That's so overused, and old"
Lewis' note: "Just go check his pockets, while I distract him"
Matt's note: "U crazy!"
Lewis' note: "At least it's better than listening to his seemingly endless lecture"
Mister Small​​​: "Emotions are very fragile, or even volatile but very powerful. They were once the ones that controlled the early beings of ancient times. But in time, these emotions were conquered by the ancient civilizations. The 3,000 chapters of my new book can explain all that. Lewis and Matt, could you please explain the mountains of paper you have on your desks?"
[Mr. Small gestures to their piles of crumpled notes.]
Lewis and Matt: "Uhhhhhh-"
Lewis: "You mean our notes? Yeah, we were just taking down notes, but in our hurry we crumpled them up instead of folding them in neat stacks since you were talking too fast"
Mister Small​​​: "That's a weird, but unique way of taking notes. Anyway, I'll try to be slower for your convenience. So the subconscious…"
[Both Matt and Lewis sigh. Then Matt takes a piece of scrap paper, writes a message on it, crumples it then throws it to Lewis.]
Matt's note: "Okay, when do we start your 'plan'?"
[Lewis just looks back at Matt, nods and winks.]
Mister Small​​​: "…so just a tip: you must never let emotions rule over your aspect of life. A balance of thought and emotions are just about right, or so the author of my other book, 'The First Compilation of the Second Compilation of the Seven Books of Emotions' says"
[Lewis fakes a violent sneeze to get Mr. Small's attention. But Mr. Small doesn't notice.]
Mister Small​​​: "Now I'll just give you another insight to that..."
[Once again, Lewis tries getting his attention by sneezing violently. He actually sneezes for real this time, sending his mouth literally flying to Mr. Small.]
Mister Small​​​: "They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and-"
[The mouth of Lewis lands squarely in Mr. Small's hands that were in the air, mid-gesture.]
Lewis' mouth: "Oh hai dur!"
[Mr. Small, in his surprise throws the mouth away. The mouth lands on Lewis' desk as if by coincidence.]
Lewis: "Sorry"
[Then once he put his mouth back on, he starts jerking violently. Suddenly there is music. Lewis' movements are synchronized with the soundtrack in the background.]
Lewis: "I can feel the rhythm! I feel… I feel"
Mister Small​​​: "Lewis Grover?"
[Lewis starts dancing, Gangnam Style/Gumball Style (the song).]
Lewis: "Oh so great!" ♩"Up" [jumps up] "Up" [jumps up] "Up" [[jumps up] "Up" [jumps up] "Down" [jumps down] "Dancing something style! Up, up, up, up, down. Something style!"♩
[Lewis starts dancing wildly much to the amusement of all the students. Matt takes his opportunity, and sneaks towards Mr. Small.]
Lewis: ♩"Up, up, up, up, down. Dancing something style!♩ Everybody, dance!"
[Then the other students, enticed by the music and Lewis' dancing start to dance. Mr. Small stares in horror, then takes cover behind the teacher's desk as a book flies towards his direction. Some students dance wildly.]
Mister Small​​​: "No. NO! Do not let your emotions control you! Fight it! Conquer them"
Lewis: "But it's too strong!"
[He looks to see if Matt is in the dancing crowd. As he expected, he is not there.]
Lewis: ♩"You got some beats! Yeah you got something! Yeah you go and dance, so wild-wildly!"♩
Classroom: "Whoo!" ♩"Up, up, up, up, down. Dancing something style!"♩
Mister Small​​​: "Please, stop. Oh good grief!"
Classroom: ♩"Up, up, up, up, down. Something style!"♩
[Lewis sees Matt's head with its colorful headband sticking out from behind the teacher's desk.]
Mister Small​​​: "STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!"
[At this, the class stops in their tracks. The whole scene freezes, and the whole room falls silent. Mr. Small glares at them, and breathes heavily. Then he quickly recomposes himself.]
Mister Small​​​: "Now you see what the power of emotions can do. Normally, I would punish all of you for being disobedient. But that fiasco was a perfect demonstration of emotions, and you were all in topic"
[Then he notices the camera on the floor.]
Mister Small​​​: "Huh"
[The school counselor bends over, picks up Sticky's camera, and tucks it into his pocket. What he doesn't notice was the red doormat (Matt, who) he had trampled on in the process. He shrugs. Matt sighs and watches helplessly as Mr. Small replaces the camera in another pocket, this one with a zipper. Then Lewis stepps over to him.]
Lewis: "Was that a camera?"
Mister Small​​​: "Camera? I have no idea what you're talking about. Now-"
Lewis: "The one in your pocket?"
Mister Small​​​: "That's none of your business"
Lewis: "Would it be okay if I could just-"
Mister Small​​​: [in drill sergeant voice] "Lewis Grover! Get back in your goshdarn seat. NOW!"
[In an instant, Lewis is seated at his desk. He glimpses Matt in his desk too, a footprint mark on his face.]


[Lunchtime. Lewis and Matt are hanging out in the schoolyard. They are still scheming on how to retrieve Sticky's camera.]]
Lewis: [sigh] "We were so close!"
Matt: "I was, actually. But then at least we know it's in his pocket"
Lewis: "Right, let's try again. Now to look for him…"
[It does not take long for them to spot Mr. Small out in the yard. They both watch him conversing with Idaho and Banana Joe about herbs.]
Lewis: "Alright, same plan"
Matt: "No need. He's already distracted. Besides-"
[Matt holds his arms in front of himself, and wiggles all his fingers.]
Matt: "Four hands are better than two"
Lewis: "Okay, whatever"
[They then disappeared from view as they creep downwards the screen. Then both Lewis and Matt reappear behind Mr. Small.]
Mister Small​​​: "Supposedly, all bananas are clones of the same ancestor. An ancestor from thousands of years ago..."
Banana Joe: "Yeah I knew that. It's the same with humans, right?"
Mister Small​​​: "Er… Not really"
[Lewis and Matt carefully check Mr. Small's pockets. Then they both spot a bulge in one of the counselor's pockets. It is in the same pocket that was zipped shut (earlier in the day). As delicately as a surgeon would be during an operation, Matt (with his thinner arms) takes the zipper, and carefully opens the pocket.]
Idaho: "Well I'll tell you what! My granddad's granddad was a banana. Many in mah family tree were also sweet potaters!"
[Banana Joe the notices Matt rummaging into Mr. Small's pocket. Lewis (also behind Mr. Small) sees Banana Joe's confused expression and quickly holds a finger to his mouth, hushing the banana.]
Mister Small​​​: "Is there anything wrong, Joe?"
Banana Joe: "Uhhhh"
[Banana Joe looks over at Lewis. Lewis shakes his head vigorously.]
Banana Joe: "Nothing"
Mister Small​​​: "Okay. Anyway…"
[Matt then leans over to Lewis. Mr. Small continues chatting with the two.]
Matt: [[whispers] "I almost got it! There's just lots of things in his pocket"
Lewis: "Come on man, hurry!"
Matt: [muttering] "Geez, I think there's even a laptop or something in here"
[Banana Joe, still curious about the motives of Lewis and Matt continues to glance at them from time to time.]
Mister Small​​​: "… And that's why I had to stop drinking my herbal tea remedy"
Banana Joe: [laughs] "Well, I'll be going now"
Mister Small​​​: "Oh, before you go-"
Matt: [whispering] "I got it!"
[He felt what seemed to be the strap of the camera, and its lens.]
Lewis: [whispering] "Yes!"
Mister Small​​​: "-I've got a note for you from your mom. It's just somewhere in my pocket"
Matt and Lewis: [quietly] "No!"
Matt: [hissing] "I-I'm stuck"
[Mr. Small bends to his side and reaches towards a pocket. Both Lewis and Matt conceal themselves behind Mr. Small, and keep away from his gaze. Idaho seems to not have noticed the two while Banana Joe watched them, still curious and a bit weirded out. The counselor rummages through a pocket, then takes his empty hand out.]
Mister Small​​​: "Whoops! Other pocket"
Matt: [whispering] "AHHHHHHHH-"
[Then Matt, still tugging on his stuck arm falls over, his hand-with whatever it was holding-free.]
Matt: "Oh wait, never mind" [grins]
[He unclenches his hand only to see in it was a green-striped red firework. He is grasping its ridiculously thick fuse. Mr. Small then rummages in his other pocket.]
Matt: "What the-?"
[Then the school councilor takes out a note.]
Mister Small​​​: "Here you go! That's funny, I thought I zipped my pocket. Hmm…"
[He then sees the camera nearby. Before they could be spotted, Matt and Lewis scramble or hide in plain sight. Lewis takes cover behind a conveniently placed bench, while Matt can only pretend to be a random doormat, and hope that Mr. Small ignores him. Mr. Small then takes the camera, but not before unintentionally stepping over Matt (once again).]
Mister Small​​​: [muttering] "Maybe I'll just keep this in my office" [to Banana Joe] "Here you go!" [hands him note]
Banana Joe: "Thanks"
[He leaves without another word. Lewis gets up, while Matt remains where he is.]
Mister Small​​​: "So getting back to our topic: herbs"
Idaho: "Is that a herb on you?"
[Idaho points at Lewis' tail sticking out of from behind Mr. Small's. From his view, Lewis' tail looks like it was sticking out of Mr. Small's pocket. Mr. Small turns around. Lewis is caught in the act, posing like a Greek statue, mid-strife in fleeing Mr. Small.]
Mister Small​​​: "Why hello there, Lewis. No more of that trouble now, I presume?"
[The liger unfroze, and turns around.]
Lewis: "Trouble? No trouble here" [smiles nervously] "I just came on behalf of my friend. You see, there was a sort of mixup and stuff. My other friend uh…got in trouble with this friend and now my friend wants it-his camera-back. So I ask again, politely and courteously: can my friend have his camera back?"
[Mr. Small's face suddenly grimaces.]
Lewis: "We promise it won't cause any more trouble" [smiles sweetly]
Mister Small​​​: "Hmm. You know, you guys seem to have some intense interest in this camera. It's almost like you would try to sneak up on me while I was unaware, dig into my pockets and try to get away with it. Now that I think about it, my pocket's zipper was unzipped, the camera was out of it and you're here…"
Lewis: "An interesting theory. But no. If that's the case, can I just have one small glimpse of the camera?"
[The liger does his best in making his cutest face. His eyes shine.]
Lewis: "Please? PLEASE? PRITHEE!?"
Mister Small​​​: "Nice try. But rules are rules. Sorry"
[Then Lewis and Matt (still on the ground) watch him in dismay as he leaves with their camera.]

The Cafeteria (Again)

[Sticky is in the middle of a crossword in the cafeteria. During Matt and Sticky's ventures to retrieve his camera in the schoolyard, he had buried himself in other activities to keep his camera out of his mind. Beside him is a pile of books reading. After 5 minutes, he had already finished five books. He proceeded to finish his sixth, a puzzle book. But while he was finishing his books, he continued to write down notes on his small book.]
Sticky: " 'A process that green plants undergo that involves using sunlight, carbon dioxide and water in order to synthesize food.' Easy: photosynthesis"
[Sticky writes the word horizontally on the crossword. Then he smiles in satisfaction.]
Sticky: " 'Capital of Russia.' Moscow"
[A memory of him with his camera in Russia flashes through his mind. He winces, but recovers quickly, and writes down the word.]
Sticky: " 'A shot taken quickly by a hunter.' Snapshot"
[Again, he winces as he writes down the word.]
Sticky: " 'Latin for chamber.' Hmm..."
[In no time, Sticky brightened up.]
Sticky: "Camera"
[Then he twitches at this. A memory of him snapshotting Elmore Park with his beloved camera flashes through his mind. He shakes this memory off. He writes down something in his small book.]
Sticky: "Okay, next word: 'A nervous wreck'-"
Matt and Lewis: "Sticky! Sticky!"
[From his book, Sticky looks up. His sight is greeted with the appearance of Lewis and Matt, both with dissatisfied frowns. The stickman quickly closes his small book, and (as calmly as he could) places it back in his pocket.]
Sticky: "At least tell me some good news"
Lewis: "You're in luck. Good news: we know where your camera is. Bad news: we couldn't get it, and now it's locked in Mr. Small's office"
[Sticky then continues on with his crossword puzzle.]
Sticky: " 'In what way or manner; by what means.' I know this-"
[Sticky writes down the word "how" on the crossword, going down. Then he shows his crossword to Matt and Lewis, and points to the word "how" written on it with a deadpan expression on his face.]
Lewis: " 'Echinodermata?' "
[Sticky checked where he was pointing, and firmly points at the right word.]
Lewis: "Oh. How did it end up in his office, or how did we fail?"
[Sticky then pointed to a picture of a boat (his response being "both").]
Matt: "Well, we weren't quick enough, and Mr. Small kinda discovered what we were up to. Come to think of it, we're lucky that we aren't in trouble"
[Then Lewis slams a fist onto Sticky's table, nearly upsetting a glass of strawberry milk.]
Lewis: "Don't worry Sticky! We vow that no matter what, we shall retrieve your memory card (and if possible, your camera) before the school day ends, no matter the cost"
Matt: [to Lewis] "Dude, I'm okay with promising to bring it back. But I'm not really for bringing it back before the school day ends"
Lewis: "You're the one who got it confiscated in the first place. Not only that, but it's for the sake of our friendship!"
Matt: "Ah-er-um-k-fine. I also vow to bring it back before the school day ends"
[Sticky then reads the next word hint aloud.]
Sticky: " 'Extremely good; outstanding' "
[Then he writes down the word "excellent" on the crossword, and shows it to the two.]
Matt: "Buzz saw?"
[Sticky rechecks the word he was showing to them. He again points to the correct word.]
Sticky: "Excellent"
[Then the bell rings.]

Class Time Again

[It is class time once again. Lewis and Matt are in their seats.]
Mister Small​​​: "Okay class. As requested by your main teacher, I'll be finishing my presentation about emotions and their relationships..."
[Unfortunately, Mr. Small was teaching their class again. Matt and Lewis look at each other with concern. When Mr. Small isn't looking, Matt takes some scrap paper, writes a message on it, crumples it, then throws it at Lewis. Once again, they start another conversation through paper notes.]
Matt's note: "We need to go get that camera"
Lewis' note: "Dude, chill out"
Matt's note: "I made a promise, and I never break one. I need to fulfill that promise!"
Lewis' note: "I know. You never broke a single promise to me"
Matt's note: "Exactly. We need to find a way to escape class"
Lewis' note: "Now its my turn to say, 'U crazy!' "
Matt's note: "-_- I've got an idea"
Lewis' note: "What's '-_-' "
Matt's note: "-3-"
Lewis' note: "K. What's your idea?"
Matt's note: "Let's pretend to be emotionally sick"
Lewis' note: "What does that even mean?"
Matt's note: "You know, like lovesick. Or depressed, or extremely happy"
Lewis' note: "No thanks. I'd rather pretend to have the plague"
Matt's note: "Might not work though. Trust me on this one: it has a 50-50 chance of working on Mr. Small"
Lewis' note: "I'm not an emo"
Matt's note: "I PROMISE it'll work"
Lewis' note: "-_-"
Matt's note: "At least you know what that means now"
Lewis' note: "Let's just get on with it"
Mister Small​​​: "So moving on from reconciliation, we have more positive emotions. There is love, happiness and joy!"
[Matt gets up from his desk and starts singing.]
Matt: ♩"Tis' the season to be happy, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!"♩
[Then he cheers delightedly. Suddenly he becomes sad. A stream of tears pour from his eyes as he cries violently, his tears almost like a water hose on full pressure.]
Lewis: [sigh] "Here goes nothing"
[Lewis suddenly dances around. He grabs an emergency axe from its place, and uses it as a prop in his dance (axe gang style). Then once he is done with his dance he throws the axe down at his desk, accidentally slicing it (along with some of his books) in half.]
Lewis: "I am Cupock the Barbarian!"
[Then he joins Matt in crying violently. Mr. Small frowns.]
Mister Small​​​: "What is it now? I don't know if I should punish you, try to counsel you, or send you to the doctor"
Matt: "I-" [sob] "-t-think we might-" [sob] "-need to go to-" [[sob] "the infirmary" [sob] "because we're not feeling good"
Lewis: "Like super emotionally sick. We might even have [in a singsong voice] Hyperactive Singing Disorder, or [normal voice] HASD"
Matt: [whispering] "I think that's going too far"
[Mr. Small's stern expression suddenly softens into one of pity.]
Mister Small​​​: "Oh dear, I knew there was something wrong with you guys today. Very well… You two are excused. I-I'll meet up with you guys after class for a session"
[At this, Matt and Lewis stop crying violently. They struggle to keep their joy, but couldn't. They exclaim at the school councilor, their voices so loud it makes Mr. Small jump.]
Lewis and Matt: "OH THANK YOU MR. SMALL!"
[Then they rush out of the classroom, but forget to open the door. In their hurry, they accidentally face plant on the door. With a tinge of embarrassment, they recover quickly, go out of the classroom (this time opening the door), and close it behind them silently.]


[In the hallway, the two pretend to still be "emotionally sick" until they were out of earshot. Then they start singing quietly.]
Lewis: ♩"We're up right now to get gone! We're walking up, let's not run!"♩
Matt: "Whoo!"
Lewis: ♩"We're up right now to go there-"♩
Matt: "Where?"
Lewis: "Sh! ♩I do not know, and I don't care"♩
[Then they tiptoe around the hallway, and eventually arrive at Mr. Small's office. Nearby, another class is in session, and so they avoid talking or making as much noise as possible. Matt tries the doorknob, but the door is locked.]
Matt: [gestures to doorknob]
Lewis: [raises eyebrow]
Matt: [gestures violently towards doorknob]
Lewis: [spells "what?" in sign language]
Matt: [continues gesturing towards doorknob and shaking his head]
Lewis: [gestures cutting head off with a questioning gesture]
Matt: [raises eyebrow, then imitates a key in a lock]
Lewis: [mimics stabbing]
Matt: [nods]
Lewis: [gasps, then crosses his arms]
Matt: [continues mimicking key motions, then trying to open the door]
Lewis: [makes a disgusted face, and avoids vomiting]
Matt: [makes a ramming motion to the door]
Lewis: [turns green]
Matt: [mimics banging on the door, then planting a bomb and taking cover]
Lewis: [makes another disgusted face, and makes a vomiting motion]
Matt: [stops, then vigorously shakes his head. He points to the door, makes key motions, mimics pulling the doorknob, planting a bomb then taking cover]
Lewis: [seems to understand, and nods in relief. Then he mimics stabbing the door]
Matt: [takes out a firecracker (the same one he took from Mr. Small)]
Lewis: [stops imitating stabbing motion, then raises eyebrow]
Matt: [rigorously points to fireworks, then makes gestures representing an explosion]
Lewis: [makes a concerned face and imitates the sound of fire]
Matt: [wipes some of Lewis' spittle off of his face, frowning. Then he smiles, and imitates a turkey roasting in the oven]
Lewis: [imitates eating turkey]
Matt: [holds two fingers up]
Lewis: [raises an eyebrow]
Matt: [spells november with his fingers]
Lewis: [whispering] "Ohhhh" [spells thanksgiving in sign language then nods]
Matt: [nods, then rubs his tummy as if he were full]
Lewis: [mimics roasting barbecue, then crosses his arms. He eyes Matt competitively]
Matt: [gets message, and mimics cooking barbecue while adding sauce]
Lewis: [gestures to himself wildly, then crosses arms, grinning]
Matt: [gestures to himself and nods, then gestures at Lewis and shakes his head]
Lewis: [gestures to Matt, then to himself. He proceeds to spin his head 360 degrees]
Matt: [tries his best to look unimpressed. He then laughs silently, and sheds then grows his coat of fur in an instant almost simultaneously]
Lewis: [nods in approval, then exchanges his arms with his legs and his legs with his arms]
Matt: [nods, then proceeds to float in the air]
Lewis: [cartwheels]
Matt: [backflips]
Lewis: [creates a ship in a bottle]
Matt: [creates a scale model of the Pyramids of Giza]
Lewis: [sculpts a statue]
Matt: [creates a scale model of a city with a working train]
Lewis: [sculpts Mount Rushmore]
Matt: [paints the Mona Lisa]
Lewis: [creates a plasma ball]
Matt: [rotates face]
Lewis: [reaches tail with nose]
Matt: [grabs gum, chews it then blows a big bubble before popping it silently]
Lewis: [eats five lollipops in one second]
Matt: [draws a portrait of Lewis]
Lewis: [draws a bad portrait of Matt]
Matt: [punches door with a hand, but fails in damaging it, and holds his knuckles in pain]
Lewis: [laughs quietly, then punches door only to end up like Matt]
Matt: [lights firecracker]
Lewis: [lights another firecracker]
Matt and Lewis: [realize what they have just done]
[Then they attempt to blow the lit fuses out. It does not work, so they insert the firecrackers under the office door, and slide the lit explosives inside. They both take cover. Then there was silence.]
Lewis: [questioning glance to Matt]
Matt: [shrugs]
[Just when they thought the firecrackers wouldn't go off, a loud explosion was heard. Both Lewis and Matt wince.]
Lewis: [spells "WTH" in sign language]
Matt: [spells "WTH" with his fingers]
[As they continue "arguing" with each other (that is, gesturing wildly, making weird noises and faces), Principal Brown comes to them, and get their attention.]
Nigel Brown: "What is going on here!? Aren't you boys supposed to be in class?"
[Still with their mouths shut, both Lewis and Matt gesture wildly, pointing at random things.]
Nigel Brown: "Speak!"
Matt: "We were excused, and were headed to the infirmary since we weren't well-"
Lewis: "Then we heard a 'bang!' and lost our hearing for a while-"
Matt: "In our panic, we started arguing with each other and doing some nonsensical stuff-"
Lewis: "But thanks to you, we're now cured. Now excuse us, we gotta go to the infirmary now. BYE!"
[In a flash, Lewis and Matt disappear.]
Nigel Brown: [inhales] "Er…" [sighs] [shrugs]

So Close!

[Just near the door of the infirmary, Matt and Lewis went. But just as they approach near the door, they turn back and head towards Mr. Small's office. From afar, they see that Principal Brown has gone. But they remain far away from it to avoid the earshot of the nearby class session.]
Lewis: "That was close! I wonder why it took us so long to open the door"
Matt: "Maybe it's cuz you didn't get my signals?"
Lewis: "Oh yeah. At first, I thought you were talking about stabbing someone, then stuffing them and making them explode"
Matt: "What is wrong with you!? Anyways now that we can speak, what I was trying to say back there was we could have used the fireworks to blast the door open"
Lewis: "Oh. Then what are we waiting for?"
Matt: "Dude, we used up our fireworks"
Lewis: "Right…"
[Dejected, they look down on the ground.]
Matt: "So what now?"
[Lewis brightens]
Lewis: "I have an idea! But it might be a risky one"


[Nearby Mr. Small's office door, Lewis and Matt bring Sticky's contraption. As quietly as they can, they drag its metal box across the smooth hallway floor. Once in place, Lewis and Matt hastily assemble it. They places the railgun on its metal box, pointed towards the door of Mr. Small's office.]
Matt: [whispering] "A RAILGUN? Are you serious?"
Lewis: [whispering] "Yup"
Matt: [whispering] "Of all things, you chose to create this for your project"
Lewis: [whispering] "That's right. We're 'rail'y going to pass the evaluation" [snickers]
Matt: [whispering] "I think using this to break into a teacher's office is going OVER THE TOP-" [murmuring] "-and leave all the 'pun' stuff to me next time"
Lewis: [whispering] "It's our only chance. Remember: we promised"
Matt: [sigh] [whispering] "Yeah, yeah"
[Lewis rummages in his pocket, and takes out a marble.]
Lewis: [whispering] "Okay, on the count of three, we duck!"
[Lewis hovers an arm (the one with the marble) near the end of the railgun.]
Lewis: [whispering] "1… 2… 3!"
[Quickly, he inserts the projectile inside. Then he and Matt duck. Nothing happens.]
Lewis: "Wait a second, I think there's something wrong"
[He gets up, and takes another object from his pocket: another ball, this one made out of foil (that was also the size of a marble). Lewis takes out the marble, and inserts the ball of foil inside.]
Lewis: "There you go… Now-"
Matt: "I think I found the fire button!"
[He presses it.]


[In a nearby classroom, Miss Simian crumples a confiscated a note from one of her students and throws it into the trash bin. Then once it lands inside, the trash can somehow explodes. Because of this, no one hears the railgun outside in the hallway fire.]

Breaking and Entering

[As soon as Matt pressed the button carelessly, there is a brightening flash of purple, and a deafening bang.]
Lewis: "AH! My ears!"
Matt: "What?"
Lewis: "What?"
Matt: "WHAT?"
Lewis: "Sh!"
[Eventually, they regain their hearing. They survey the scene before them. The railgun (still on its box) had recoiled a bit from the force, and in the door of Mr. Small's office, one could see a hole. The hole was big enough to fit a hand in. Lucky for Matt and Lewis, the hole is close to the doorknob.]
Lewis and Matt: [whispering] "Yes!"
Lewis: [whispering] "Quickly!"
[Lewis inserted his hand into the hole, then unlocks the door from outside. After Lewis opens the door, he asks Matt to conceal the railgun. Lewis (surveying around the office) finds a "Do not disturb" sign on Mr. Small's desk. He takes this, then posts it on the newly created hole to conceal it. After this, they get in. Just as they go inside, Rocky pokes his head from behind a "block".]
Rocky: "What was that? Meh"

In Mr. Small's Office

[Lewis and Matt are inside the dark office of Mr. Small. The lights are closed, and so are the blinds. Faint rays of sunlight come through gaps from the blinds and from the seams of the doorway.]
Lewis: "Whew! We made it. Now to go find that camera…"
Matt: "Here it is!"
[He holds a camera up high in the air as if in victory.]
Lewis: "Oh, cool. Mission accomplished!"
[They both give each other a high five, then do a (complicated) secret handshake.]
Lewis: "Now let's go"
[As they proceed to exit, Lewis sees another camera.]
Lewis: "Wait a minute"
[They both stop in their tracks. Lewis sees that there is another camera peeking out from inside one of Mr. Small's filing cabinets.]
Matt: "What?"
[Lewis gestures to the half visible camera. Then they dramatically open the ajar filing cabinet and find a treasure trove of various devices. The gadgets (both high-tech and low-tech) shine like stars. Within the pile, there are other cameras that look exactly like Sticky's.]
Matt and Lewis: "Whoa…"
[Lewis picks up the camera he saw earlier, and inspects it. He puts it back, then runs a paw across the pile of gadgets that Mr. Small had confiscated. Matt picks up a touch phone.]
Matt: "Cool…"
Lewis: "Haha look!"
[Lewis takes out a high-tech looking phone. On the name tag of the phone was written "Masami". The two chuckle.]
Matt: "No way! Masami has this? It has the internet with it"
Lewis: "Well, no surprise seeing that she's rich"
Matt: "With this baby, I could check my Elmore Plus account anytime, anywhere!"
[They continued to look through the gadgets, gawking and oohing at them. Then they started dancing around them like complete nut jobs. It was only until Lewis finally remembered what they were doing in the first place that they stopped.]
Lewis: "Wait a minute dude, we're supposed to be looking for Sticky's camera. Any of these cameras could be it"
[Matt was playing Pacman on another phone.]
Matt: "Oh, right"
[Reluctantly, he kills his game and replaces the phone. Lewis digs a hand into the gadgets like a treasure scavenger would with a treasure chest filled with gold coins. He picks up a bizarre triangular phone. After inspecting it briefly, he puts it back and investigates the other cameras in the pile.]
Lewis: "Man, this could take forever!"
[After inspecting them, he investigates the camera he was carrying.]
Matt: "Hold on, let me try something"
[Matt presses the power-on button on the camera Lewis was holding on to.]
Lewis: "You do realize that we're not allowed to view Sticky's gallery, right?"
Matt: "No worries, the latest photo is mine" [grins]
[After a while, they view the first (that is, the latest photographed) picture. The picture was a photo of Mr. Small pulling a humorous face (made during an attempted effort to stop himself from being photographed). Both Matt, and Lewis snicker.]
Matt: "Haha, this is the one!"
Lewis: "Well that was easy…"
Matt: "Okay, lets go!"
[Lewis turns off the camera. But in his haste, he presses the wrong button, and the button turns out to be the "view gallery button". In almost an instant, Sticky's images and videos are all put on screen. It takes a split second for Lewis to realize this, and in his panic he yelps, drops the camera, and looks away. Matt quickly slides over, catching the fragile camera with his mouth (which was just over an inch from hitting the ground). He gets up, and wipes the camera with his "fur".]
Matt: "Careful man! I don't want to pay for Sticky's camera again"
Lewis: "Sorry, I guess I just panicked"
[Lewis picks it up again, and without looking tries to press the power-off button again.]
Matt: "What are you doing?"
Lewis: "Trying to kill the camera, but I accidentally viewed the gallery instead"
[Instead, Lewis accidentally presses a video, and plays it.]
Matt: "Oh come on, just turn it off quickly. A little peek couldn't hurt a-"
[Matt turns to the camera to press the power-off button. But then he freezes.]
Matt: "-uh???"
[The camera video had finished buffered, and started playing. The video (to their surprise) was Gumball and Penny (without her shell) kissing in the park. Whoever had captured the video was hiding up in a tree for some branches and leaves obscured the couple.]
Gumball [in video]: "Wanna go grab an ice cream?"
Penny [in video]: "I'd love two" *winks*
[Then both Penny and Gumball smile at each other. Quickly, Lewis stop the video. But since he doesn't look again, he accidentally plays another one.]
Lewis: [inhales deeply] "What have we done?"
Matt: "Relax man. It was just a little peek. Just kill it, and lets get it over with-"
Carmen [in video]: "Oh Alan. Tell me what you like about me"
Alan​​​ [in video]: [flirtatiously] "I don't like anything about you…I LOVE everything about you, especially when you bend over"
[Matt's eyes become dots. His mouth drops to the ground.]
Carmen [in video]: [giggles] "Why?"
Alan​​​ [in video]: [flirtatiously] "Because, when you bend over, I see your-"
[As quickly as he can, Matt picks up his mouth, takes the camera and exits the video. But then at once, the gallery of Sticky's images and videos float to his eyes. At the images, Matt's eyes become wide and expand to the point of touching each other. He stood there, speechless.]
Lewis: "Matt, come on! What are you doing looking through Sticky's-whoa"
[Once Lewis glances at the gallery and notices a strange image, his whole gaze sticks to the camera's gallery. Sticky's gallery is filled with pictures that could have only been taken by a stalker. There are images of: people sleeping; inside other people's houses; people with their friends; and people in their rooms, doing their private things. Among these pictures specifically are: Matt sleeping in his bed; Gumball hanging out with Penny; Principal Brown shaving his hair; Tobias in his room; Sarah going in the bathroom; Hot Dog Boy; Jamie arguing with her parents; Banana Joe watching pop corn while watching a movie at the cinema; Mr. Small eating barbecue; Masami in the park, and much more. Then they quickly view the other photographs. The two are kind of creeped out also by the fact that Sticky seemed to be in places he could not have been.]
Lewis: "Has Sticky…been stalking people?"
Matt: "…"
Lewis: "I mean, check this out…"
[They view a photograph of themselves with Walter, Ronald and other students in the beach.]
Lewis: "This was during the time when he couldn't go with us on our field trip. How'd he take this when he wasn't even there???"
Matt: "I think we've seen enough already…"
Lewis: "Dude, my eyes are literally glued"
Matt: "What do you mean?"
[Matt tries turning away, but his eyes are stuck on the screen. He tries again, but his pupils are stuck on the spot, and his eyes were pulled back every time he tried to turn away.]
Matt: "Oh"
[Before they could do anything further or start to panic, the camera was suddenly snatched from them, freeing their gazes. It was taken seemingly by the air, and it started floating towards the door.]
Lewis: "What the-?"
[Being a liger, Lewis quickly crouched, and sprung on the floating camera. Aside from the device, he felt something thin. Whatever it was, he chased after it, but it was evasive. Instead, he grabbed the camera and pulled on it. Whatever was holding the camera tugged back.]
Matt: "Ah! Ghost!"
[Somewhere in Gumball's classroom, Carrie frowns. Back to Mr. Small's office, Lewis fights whatever force was pulling the camera.]
Matt: "Don't worry Lewis, I'll help you!"
[Matt jumps on the camera only to plant his face on Lewis' head. Lewis peels Matt off of him, and springs on the floating camera. Again, he feels something thin and holds it down with a firm foot. Lewis takes the camera, sets it down and puts it in a safe place. Then eventually, whatever Lewis was holding revealed itself and turned to face both Matt and Lewis. To both Matt and Lewis' surprise, it was their 2-dimensional flat stickman friend, Sticky.]


Lewis and Matt: "Sticky!?"
[At first, Sticky seems clueless. Then he suddenly becomes anxious. However, he does his best to conceal his anxiousness.]
Sticky: "Huh?" [twitch] [mutters] "Oh no. Not again, not now!"
Lewis: "Oh hey! Um… We have your camera…"
[Lewis reaches for the camera, and places it beside the anxious stickman. Sticky quickly picks it up, and smiles as he somehow fitted it inside his 2-D pocket.]
Sticky: "Oh, uh thank you very much!"
[Sticky twitches, and smiles anxiously. Lewis and Matt smile guiltily, then they look at each other and nod. Their smiles are replaced with solemn expressions.]
Lewis: "By the way-"
Matt: "We want to-"
Sticky: [twitches] "Er-not now, I'll just be going-"
[He bolts for the door as if he was being chased by a pack of wolves. But he is stopped short by Matt and Lewis who block his way. Sticky tries going left, but they block his way. So he tries going to the right, but they move to block his way too. Sticky looks at them as if they were gonna eat them up. They in turn look at him suspiciously. Matt (still looking at Sticky suspiciously) goes over to the cabinet of devices, takes a phone and plays some ominous enigmatic music to go with the moment. Then he leaves the phone to play, and goes back with Lewis. Lewis takes out two deerstalkers, and inconspicuously wears his and puts the other on Matt's head.]
Lewis: "We want to talk to you about something. I know we weren't supposed to…you know…look-"
Matt: "We took a peek of the stuff in your camera-"
Lewis: "Yeah sorry-"
Matt: "-and we saw everything"
Sticky: "... WHAT???"
[Sticky twitches violently. He reaches for his pocket, but hesitates.]
Matt: "-we were just wondering, what's up with that? Also why do you keep twitching?"
[Sticky twitches. Then he slaps himself as if in an attempt to stop himself from twitching.]
Sticky: "Ha ha! Sorry, I got an itch"
[Matt and Lewis take out bubble pipes, and blow on them as if they were smoke pipes, Sherlock Holmes/detective style. Some bubbles come out, and fly around. Sticky raises an eyebrow, nervous.]
Sticky: "I-I have no idea what you're talking about-"
[Matt and Lewis put away their bubble pipes.]
Matt: "Really?"
Sticky: [averting eyes] "Most likely"
Matt: [moves forward] "Are you-" [puts on sunglasses] "-sure?"
Sticky: "Yes of-" [coughs] "-course"
Lewis: [moves forward] [suspiciously] "Are you-" [puts on sunglasses] "-sure???"
Sticky: "Y-yeah. Why are you p-putting on sunglasses? It's dark, and you didn't even turn on the lights"
Lewis: "Oh, right"
[Lewis and Matt take off their sunglasses.]
Lewis: "So are you confident that you're telling us the truth?"
Sticky: eevent [cough] "Maybe" [clears throat]
Matt: "Throat problems?"
Sticky: "Yeah-no, I'm fine-"
Matt: "Hmm… Now it must be a hot day for you. You're sweating at a rapid rate"
Sticky: "Really, t-those aren't mine"
Matt: "A video about Carmen and Alan-"
Lewis: "-Penny and Gumball-"
Matt: "-and a picture of me sleeping?"
Sticky: "I really don't know what you're talking about-"
[Both Matt and Lewis have extremely interrogative expressions of their faces. These expressions make Sticky nervous. Then Lewis brings out a magnifying glass, and looks at Sticky through it.]
Sticky: [sigh] [twitch] "-oh fine… I-it's weird. I just didn't want you seeing my stuff because you'd see an unpleasant side of me, and I was worried that that could make me look abnormal…"
[In the dark off the office, Lewis' eyes glow.]
Matt and Lewis: "Tell us about it…"
Sticky: "Er… Well it's not me taking the pictures and videos, I swear! I didn't want to take those pictures. It's…complicated"
Matt and Lewis: "What is?"
[Sticky leans forward, a scared expression and a foreboding shadow on his face.]
Sticky: [inhales deeply] "Insecurity"
[Then he speaks anxiously, in rapid succession.]
Sticky: "My insecurity. It sounds weird, but… It's true. You know me. Sometimes, my emotions overpower me, and make me do weird things-like this. I manage to fend myself, but insecurity is so strong, it has been able to manifest itself into something like an alter ego of me-kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-and possesses me. It usually makes me stalk people t-to make sure no one talks rubbish about me, and even makes me attack others randomly when I doubt them"
[Then he speaks slower, catching his breath.]
Sticky: "I've always managed to cope with it-that is until now, and I'm still figuring a way to get rid of it…"
[Matt and Lewis just look at each other. Lewis puts down his magnifying glass. They have no idea what Sticky was talking about, and look at him as if he had just said he was going to marry Jamie later.]
Lewis: "What?"
[Then Matt laughs]
Matt: "Sticky Dominic Planesfield, our best bud. Just tell us the truth, and admit it: you like to stalk people"
[Sticky digs into his pocket, and brought out his small book.]
Sticky: "But really, I don't! Details are here. I don't know if this'll convince you but-"
[Then he twitches. Jerking violently, he drops his book. Both Lewis and Matt stand, speechless then back away from him. Sticky seems to be struggling with himself. The music becomes more dramatic, and there are lots of violins playing. Sticky holds a horrified expression on his face.]
Sticky: "Look! I didn't want you guys to see but-!"
[Then Sticky goes limp and quiet, falls on the floor, and rolls to his side. His face rolls away from Matt and Lewis' sight. Then the music stops playing.]
Matt: "Um…"
[The sound of an audience clapping is heard from the phone. Both Lewis and Matt ignore this, and approach the stickman.]
Lewis: "Sticky?"
[They stare at the unmoving stickman.]
Lewis: "Is he alright?"
Matt: "He might just be pretending"
[For a long time, they wait for the stickman to move.]
Lewis: "Oooookay. I think we should probably do something right now, like bring him to the infirmary"
Matt: "Yeah, let's do that"
[Suddenly, the stickman turned to his side and disappeared. The phone started playing another song, this time one that was very dramatic sounding.]
Matt: "He's gone!"
Lewis: "I can see that" [thinking wishfully] "Please let that all be an imagination"
Matt: "Look's like he left his camera"
[They see Sticky's camera on the spot where Sticky had disappeared. Lewis goes over to it, and picks it up. Then Sticky reappears, and lunges at them with surprising speed. In surprise, both students jump out of Sticky's way. The stickman impales the metal cabinet behind them with a razor thin arm. Then Sticky faces them as he pulls his thin arm out of the needle-sized hole he had created on the cabinet. He rushes to Lewis, and holds a firm grip on the camera.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "Give it to me!"
Lewis: "What the-"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "GIVE IT TO ME!"
[They tug on the camera as if playing a game of tug of war.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "I'm gonna destroy you if you don't give it back to me!"
Lewis: "Eugh! What's gotten into you? W-why is your voice like that?"
[Sticky's voice sounded more menacing. It was as if there was someone else speaking with him. His voice also sounded more raspy.]
Matt: "Okay. This is not normal..."
[The deranged stickman started growling and snarling at a terrified Lewis. Matt then goes over to help his friend and pulls the camera from the grip of the wild stickman. Then both Matt and Sticky realized that Sticky is different. He has a dark-bluish hue on him, and his eyes (normally dots) had whites in them. His teeth are razor sharp and his arms as seem to have become as sharp as needles.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "That camera is MINE!"
[Matt, Lewis and deranged Sticky fall over on their backs. Lewis holds up his paws, camera in them. Sticky, enraged smashed a chair nearby with surprising strength, and ground it to pieces with his thin foot. Then he glares at the two. The two others back away, and rush to hide behind Mr. Small's desk. Then Sticky turns to his side, and disappears again. Whenever he spoke, it sounded like a disembodied voice in the air.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "I shouldn't have lent that camera…I knew this would happen!"
Lewis: [whispers] "What's he talking about?"
Matt: [whispers] "He must be talking about us looking at his stuff in the camera"
Lewis: "Look here Sticky! We know we shouldn't have looked through your camera, and we're really, really sorry about that!"
Matt: [muttering] "Still, it's just wrong to stalk people like that"
Lewis: "Maybe you could just calm down… A little?"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: [growls] "It's too late for that"
[Sticky reappears, jerking violently to one side. He proceeds to beat up one of Mr. Small's filing cabinets in a fit of rage.]
Matt: "Dude, remind me never to anger Sticky. He's dynamite!"
Lewis: "I've never seen him so mad before"
[Something clicks in Lewis' brain, and he brightens with a thought. It turns out that he had switched on a light bulb (directly above his head) that was for some reason under Mr. Small's desk. Lewis switches the light off again. Regardless, he did have a real thought.]
Lewis: [gasp] "So that's what he's saying!"
Matt: "What?"
Lewis: "Call me crazy, but that's not Sticky at all"
Matt: "What!?"
Lewis: "Sticky was talking about his emotions controlling him or something. It took over him, then made him stalk us and go get the camera when we browsed his files. His emotions were stronger than him and despite him fighting it, it possessed him. It must be fury, revenge, angriness or something-oh right! Insecurity. That thing-" [gestures to the direction of deranged Sticky] "-must be pure Insecurity inside Sticky's body"
Matt: [Gapes] "Wow. That's a highly illogical, but kinda sensible theory"
[Then Sticky stops beating up the filing cabinet in rage, and proceeds to move to them in rapid speed.]
Lewis: "Sticky would never ever get mad like that, in fact he's too nice to ever become furious. Also remember that time when Gumball was possessed by Jealousy?"
Matt: "Er… He was?"
Lewis: "I guess the trigger that released his insecurity was when we looked at his camera"
[Then Sticky bangs on Mr. Small's desk. Matt yelps.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "Give me back my camera!"
Lewis: "Sticky, can you still here me? I think I know what's happening!"
[At this, Sticky glows with rage, and punches a hole through Mr. Small's desk. He barely misses Matt.]
Matt: "AH! Insecurity, hmm? Now that I think about it, that explains a bit"
Lewis: "INSECURITY! What have you done with Sticky!?"
[Sticky punches a second hole, barely missing Lewis' ear. Then he continues punching multiple holes in Mr. Small's desk, his arms acting like a needle in a running sewing machine. The two flee from the desk before it crumples to dust. They stand in a corner, watching the stickman warily.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "What are you talking about? Don't you recognize me? I am Sticky, and I just want my camera back!!"
Matt: "M'kay"
[Sticky lunges after them. Lewis ducks, and Matt rolls away from Sticky. The stickman punched a deep needle-sized hole in the concrete wall. He goes after Lewis, and proceeds to swing a thin arm into his direction. Lewis takes Sticky's camera, and takes a picture of possessed Sticky, temporarily blinding (and stopping) him with the flash. The picture showed possessed Sticky pulling a hilarious face. Lewis cannot help but smile at the picture he took. Then Sticky recovers, turns to his side and disappears.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "Why are you stealing my camera? I thought you were my friends!"
Lewis: "Sticky is our friend, and this is his camera. You're not Sticky, you're insecurity!"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "I am Sticky!"
Lewis: "No, you're insecurity, and you're so insecure that you're insecure about yourself being insecurity"
Matt: [groans] "That made my head hurt for a while"
[Lewis and Matt hold their stances defiantly.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "To think that I even trusted you with that camera!"
Lewis: "Dangnabit-"
[Once again, they duck as Sticky jumps on them, planting a leg firmly in the ground where the two use to be. He digs his feet into the ground so deep, his feet become stuck.]
Lewis: "Stop messing with him!"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "Stop messing with me!"
Lewis: "Stop trying to claim to be him!"
Sticky: "Stop denying me!"
Lewis: "You stop lying to us and stop possessing him!"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "Stop stopping me!"
[Sticky, still embedded in the lunged at them only to face plant on the ground. Possessed Sticky jerked violently, and made disturbing sounds.]
Sticky ([possessed by Insecurity]: "Oh, how clever. But I'll get my camera back, then I'll get you!!"
Lewis: [to Matt] "What do we do?"
Matt: "I don't know. Knock him out?"
Lewis: "No, that could just hurt Sticky, and make Insecurity stronger. Besides, one step close and he'll punch a hole through you"
[Sticky (still possessed by Insecurity) proceeded to drill up the ground around him like a jackhammer with his bare hands to get him free. Despite his speed, the holes he dug were as small and deep as needle holes.]
Matt: "Then... I've got nothing"
Lewis: [inhales] "That leaves us with one thing-"
Matt: "As long as it works, I'm with it"
Lewis: "-we try to convince Sticky to stop being insecure, and help him conquer his insecurity!"
Matt: "… Mr. Small style..."
Lewis: "Let's not call it that"
[They both come closer to Sticky (but not too close), and face him.]
Lewis: "Okay, listen up Insecurity!"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "I'm not insecurity, I told you I'm Sticky!" *growl*
Lewis: "Yeah? Sticky would never growl, snarl or shout at us. Leave him alone!"
Matt: "Yeah, go possess someone your own… Size?"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "I am not insecurity. Stop doubting me! I am seriously doubting you guys right now"
Lewis: "We don't doubt Sticky. You're the one making him doubt us! We trust him, and we still do! You hear that Sticky?"
[At this, possessed Sticky seems taken aback.]
Matt: "It's true! Why do you think we risked a lot just to get back his camera?"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "So you could delve into my secrets!"
Lewis: "No. Sticky, if you're still there just remember all those times when we trusted you to help us with our homework?"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "You were just using me!"
Matt: "Using you? Also, remember that time when I helped you, when we gave you support on asking Teri out?"
[Possessed Sticky growls, seemingly stung by this remark. He also seems to blush.]
Lewis: "Come on Sticky! We're on good terms, we always considered you a friend. As your friends, we're here to help you fight your insecurity by the power of FRIENDSHIP!"
Matt: "Mr. Small style!"
Lewis: [to Matt] "Please stop" [to Sticky] "Don't let your feelings of insecurity destroy our friendship" [muttering] "As much as I don't want to sound like Mr. Small-" [aloud] "-Fight it, and conquer it!"
[Possessed Sticky starts to jerk and shake violently again. Then he frees his legs from the ground.]
Lewis: "Fight it. Don't let it control you!"
[Lewis, and Matt become frightened as the deranged Sticky rushes at them.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "You take my camera, then now you deny me!"
Matt: "Sticky, you're the greatest thinker and most intelligent friend I've ever had. No kidding, I swear!"
[For a split moment (as Sticky rushed towards them), Matt sees Lewis glare at him.]
Matt: [to Lewis] "What? It's true. I didn't say that you were dumb though"
[Sticky swings a thin arm towards their direction. The two brace themselves for the stinging punch. But they feel nothing. To their relief, they see Sticky…all normal, and no longer possessed by insecurity.]
Lewis: "Sticky?"
[Or so they think. Suddenly, Sticky's head shakes violently and he is once again possessed by Insecurity. Possessed Sticky leans his face at an uncomfortable distance from the two other's faces.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "I'll tear your eyes out!"
Matt and Lewis: "AH!"
[Then as sudden as he was possessed, Sticky returns to normal. But it looks as if he was struggling with himself. He was fighting Insecurity for control of his body. Sticky throws himself on the ground and spins around. From time to time, he would be possessed, then unpossessed.]
Sticky: "Don't you dare threaten my friends!"
Lewis and Matt: "Sticky! You're back!"
Sticky: "So I am-ah!"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "-I've always been here!"
Sticky: "Shut up! You're not me!"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "Yes I am! I'm a part of you now!"
Sticky: "No, you're just manipulating me! Guys, help!"
Matt: "Don't worry, I've got a card up my sleeve!"
[Matt somehow takes an unusually steel-hard ace of spades card out from his sleeve.]
Matt: "I also know some karate!"
[He makes some karate sounds, and hits the filing cabinet with a fist. He makes a dent on the metal cabinet, but despite this Matt holds his fist in pain. With the card, he charges towards the semi-possessed stickman.]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "Ace of spades? Well, dig this!"
[Possessed Sticky gives Matt a powerful kick to the stomach. Matt flies across the room, and impacts with the wall. His card flies with him, and impales the concrete wall.]
Sticky: "Sorry!"
Matt: [puffing] "I-it's okay…" [faints]
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "Your turn, liger-boy!"
[Lewis lays flat on the ground, and rolls out of Sticky's sight.]
Lewis: "Sticky, what do you want me to do?"
Sticky: "Look for my book!"
Lewis: "What book?"
Sticky: "Just look for a small brown-"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "-furball wearing a ridiculous-"
Sticky: "-book! A small brown book!"
[Lewis (still crouching) scoured the ground for a book. He picked up what seemed to be a small book.]
Lewis: "Found-wait"
[He sees that it is one of Mr. Small's little books. Reading the title, he sees it is "101 Alternative Ways to Cure the Common Cold". He quickly discovers another book. Lewis recognizes it as the book Sticky kept writing on multiple times earlier in the day. Sticky does his best to distance himself away from Lewis. With his left arm, he blocks the attacks of his possessed right arm before being completely possessed then unpossessed again.]
Lewis: "Found it!"
Sticky: "Excellent! Now just flip over to the last page-"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "-while I come over, and kick your butt!"
[Lewis takes cover behind one of Mr. Small's filing cabinets in case possessed Sticky did go kick his butt. He flips to the last page.]
Sticky: "Somewhere near that page, there's a charm to dispel Insecurity"
Lewis: "Charm? I thought you were all science!"
Sticky: "I am, but this is a non-physical anomaly we're talking about-"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "-so go eat a book, you blockhead!"
[Lewis looks through the book.]
Lewis: [muttering to himsel] "Charms… Charms… Charms… Cha-aha!"
[Lewis finds a page with a large header that says "CHARM".]
Lewis: "Found it!"'
[Sticky, too busy struggling with Insecurity does not answer. It looks like he was strangling himself. Then he pulls out his pencil, and draws mustaches all over his face, while his other arm takes out an eraser and starts cleaning up his face. Meanwhile, Lewis feverishly reviews the pages of Sticky's small book. It had a small sketch of a stickman with the word "Insecurity" labeled under it, and another (this time with the drawing of a halo on its head) with the word "Free!?" under it. Then he turns his attention to the words. The words are so small, dense and compact (not to mention the light was not turned on, and therefore the darkness rendered it almost unreadable).]
Lewis: "I can't read it!"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: [mockingly] "Not surprisingly!"
Sticky: "Shush!"
[Sticky tackles himself to the ground. Lewis gets out of his hiding place, and runs to the stickman.]
Lewis: "Don't worry Sticky, I-I'll try to think of something. Like some spell, or an enchantment"
Sticky: "Hurry!"
Lewis: "Uhm… Wingardium Leviosa? Open Sesame? Abracadabra? Eureka? Voila!?"
Sticky: "He's too strong! I-I'm fading away…"
Lewis: "Oh, Insecurity be gone!"
[At this, possessed Sticky is thrown against a wall. Sticky immediately returns to normal.]
Lewis: "Oh… Did it work?"
Sticky: "Yeah, I think you got it but-"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "-don't you even try to send me away!"
Lewis: "So you do admit it: you aren't Sticky!"
Sticky: "Lewis, keep chanting-"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "-I can be anyone else as long as they're insecure!"
[Possessed Sticky lunges at him. The liger dives back into his hiding place behind Mr. Small's filing cabinet.]
Lewis: "We'll see about that" [inhales deepl] [chanting] "Insecurity begone! Insecurity begone! Insecurity begone!"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "Don't you dare!"
Lewis: "Insecurity begone! Insecurity begone!-"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "NOOOOOO-"
Sticky: "Yes-"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "OOOOOO-"
Sticky: "It's-"
Sticky [possessed by Insecurity]: "OOOOOO-"
Sticky: "-working!"
[Insecurity (still in Sticky's body) tries running to Lewis, but Sticky struggles with him and throws himself down on the floor. He begins to glow.]
Lewis: "Insecurity begone! Insecurity begone! Insecurity begone! INSECURITY BEGONE!"
[Then Sticky is plunged in a bath of light. He then falls down, and leans against a filing cabinet. Sticky is back to normal (no more sharp teeth and arms). Insecurity himself had disappeared completely from Sticky. Lewis comes to him. But then he is knocked against the wall as something comes out from Sticky, and sends out a shock wave. It was some sort of translucent blob that glowed a dark menacing blue. It had an ugly face.]
Insecurity: "You may have dispelled me, but I'll be back when you're not looking!"
[Sticky groans. Lewis raises his fists, and then pointed at the blob.]
Lewis: "We'll be ready for you then!"
[Cheers erupted from the phone (that was still playing). The blob glares at Sticky and Lewis, then floats and phases through the ceiling, never to be seen again. The liger then goes to Sticky. He also takes the phone, and stops it from playing.]
Lewis: "You okay man?"
[Lewis takes out a chocolate bar, and his homework.]
Lewis: "Here, have some chocolate-and my homework. It'll make you better"
[Sticky takes the chocolate bar, and Lewis' homework. He eats the chocolate bar, and gets up.]
Sticky: "Thanks. You can keep your homework" [groans] "My whole body is so sore from punching and kicking so much. But other than that, I'm just happy you guys helped me get rid of insecurity. Not to mention, I don't feel that insecure anymore"
Lewis: [smiles] "Sticky, we're sorry if we provoked you-"
Sticky: "It's fine. You guys apologized already, many times. I'm supposed to be the one apologizing since I was the one with the problem. I was not strong enough to prevent Insecurity from possessing me, and I had to cause a ruckus. Not to mention, I should be thanking you for getting rid of it"
Lewis: "Up high!"
[Lewis gives Sticky a high five. Then they try to do a complicated secret handshake but Sticky messes it up.]
Lewis: "Better work on that"
[Matt finally comes to. He groans, and holds his stomach]
Matt: "Uh… Is it the future?"
Sticky: "Technically, yes"
Matt: "Cool"
[He gets up, and looks around.]
Matt: "So, what did I miss?"
Lewis: "Sticky's cured, and I apologized to him for you"
Matt: "Oh"
Sticky: "So… You probably want me to talk about my camera and the things, don't you?"
Matt and Lewis: "No, no, it's fine"
Sticky: "Just say yes"
Matt and Lewis: [sigh] "Yeah, we do"
Sticky: "Well, since now you know about Insecurity, I can tell you that those videos and images aren't mine, it's actually Insecurity's. Insecurity started controlling me and made me take these photos even before the rule about 'unauthorized gadgets' was passed. I couldn't really do anything about it since he would just take new photos if I deleted them, or get a new memory card if I threw the old one away"
Matt: "Huh. Well, there's going to be no stalking anymore"
Sticky: "Indeed, and I guess there's no need for this!"
[Sticky takes his whole camera, and throws it out of the window. Matt and Lewis gawk at the stickman.]
Matt: "Dude, you know you didn't have to go destroy one perfectly good camera for that"
Lewis: "You could have just replaced the memory card"
Sticky: [shrugs] "I guess I was being rash. I'll just get a new one"
[Then outside, the bell rings. The door suddenly opens, and the lights are turned on. A merry Mr. Small is greeted by his damaged office, and two guilty faces (from his position, he can't see Sticky since he is looking at the stickman' side). In an instant, Mr. Small's face is twisted with silent fury.]
[After breathing heavily and calming down, he finally speaks in a calm demeanor.]
Mister Small​​​​​: "Could you please explain to me what happened here?'
[Episode Ends]
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