"The Beach"
Airing Information
Written by: Kinny Cheeser
Episode Chronology

The Beach is an upcoming episode of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Nicole, Anais, Darwin, Gumball, and Richard have a vacation to beach in Santa Monica, CA.


The episode begins in the Wattersons' House. Nicole talks to her family and tells them that they're going on vacation. The family is happy about this. Nicole says that they're leaving tomorrow. Then tells the family to pack their stuff. It's Saturday morning and the Watterson are about to leave. Nicole is making sure everyone has the stuff they need. Everyone says yes in the car and Nicole drives off to the beach. The Wattersons are at the beach and Richard is trying to look for a spot to place their towels. Richard finds one final spot but sees a man going for that sport also. The family rushes to the so is the man's. Richard jumps to the spot before the man. The Wattersons set up their stuff and Nicole tells them to come back here at 3:00 pm sharp. Gumball and Darwin grab their water guns. Before they start having a water gun fight, Gumball sees a big wave. Gumball quickly grabs his surf board on goes in the water. Anais is making a sand castle and sees Gumball on the wave. Anais runs to Darwin and tells him that gumball is on the wave. Darwin sees and Anais and him go to Nicole. Gumball is on the wave but slips and falls in the ocean. Darwin and Anais see Gumball fall and tell Nicole that Gumball is drowning. Nicole rushes to Richard and tells him. The family rushes to the lifeguard and tells him about the situation. Gumball is drowning and the lifeguard goes into the ocean to save Gumball. The lifeguard can't find Gumball and calls 911. The police comes and goes into the ocean and find Gumball and puts him into land. The police discovers that Gumball is really hurt. The police takes gumball to the nearest hospital. Gumball wakes up the hospital with his back with a cast. Gumball what happened and Darwin says you slipped into the water and drowned. Gumball tries to get back up and go to the beach but the family stops him. Darwin asked Nicole if we are going back to the beach but nicole says no. Richard has an idea that we don't have to go to the beach but we can go to the town pool. Everyone agrees except for Gumball. Gumball wants to back to the beach. Nicole says no. Gumball gets mad and gets up from the hospital bed and runs to the beach. The family gets int the car and chases him. Gumball is still hurt but is running. Nicole is honking the horn in order to get Gumball to stop running. Gumball refuses to stop running and continues. Nicole drives as fast she and catches up to Gumball. She stop the car and eveybody chases Gumball. Gumball stops because he feels the pain from the bites he has on his back. Gumball starts crying cause of the pain. Gumball's tears go from his eyes to his shoulders and go to his back. Gumball feels more and more pain each minute. Anais, Darwin, Richard, and Nicole check up on him. Gumball tries to get back up but he can't cause of the pain he's having. Richard askes Gumball what's wrong. Anais says it's the pain on his back. Richard picks up Gumball on puts him in the car. Everyone else get in the car. Nicole tells Darwin and Anais to keep an eye on gumball. Nicole drives to the hospital that gumball was just in put it got destroyed. Gumball starts to cry again. Nicole drives to the elmore hospital. Dr.Butt tells the family that he is having burning problems. Dr.Butt takes Gumball into the emergency room. 10 hours later, Dr.Butt says that Gumball will be fine in 8 months and he has a soft cast on his back and they can take him home. Richard puts Gumball on the wheel chair then the wattersons take him home. In the car, Nicole tells the whole family that they're not ever going to the beach again. Everyone agrees and the epiosde ends.

Running Time

  • 63 minutes

DVD/VHS Running Time

  • 100 minutes (It has the WDHE and Cartoon Network Logos on it) (VHS Version)
  • 3 hours 45 minutes with no WDHE (DVD Version)