The Basketball is a episode of The Amazing World Of Gumball.

The Basketball

Gumball Decides to try out to impress penny and show his athletic skills.


Gumball sets out to be a basketball player.





Miss simian

Minor Charaters




Banana Joe

Albert the pervert


-at school in the cafeteria-

Tobias: *flexes his arms* "so what do you think girls?"

Girls: *mumbling*

-shows gumball and darwin-

Gumball: " hey darwin do you think i'm good at sports?"

Darwin: "no"

Gumball: *looks at his body* "will why not?"

Darwin: "cause you don't do any of them"

Gumball: *starts eating his food* "will that is true"

Darwin: *eats his sandwich*

Tobias: *walks over to Gumball and Darwin* "will hello guys"

Gumball: "what do you want tobias?"

Tobias: "will i was wondering what do you think of this?" *flexes*

Darwin: *shrugs* "heh its all right"

Tobias: "will i'm going to try out for the basketball team" *points thumb to himself* "and i'm going to make it"

Gumball: "if your'e going to try out then so i'm i!"

Tobias: *laughing* "good luck with that"

Gumball: "i don't need luck to beat you"

Tobias: "is that a challange?" *puts head over table and both hands on it*

Gumball: *puts head close to tobias* "i guess it is!"

Darwin: *looking at both weirdly*

Tobias: *leaves*

Darwin: "uh gumball?"

Gumball: "yes?"

Darwin: "do you think that was a good idea?"

Gumball: *starts eating his lunch again* "i don't know"

-class room-

Miss simian: "class as you all should know there will be try outs for the basketball team tomorrow at 6:00 pm"

Gumball: *whispers to Darwin* "dude come with me

Darwin: *whispers back* "why?"

Gumball: "cause i don't want to go alone"

Darwin: *both eye's half shut and looking staight* "fine"

Gumball: "thanks dude"

Darwin: "no problem"

Penny: *whispers* "Gumball your'e going to try out?!"

Gumball: *turns his head to penny* *turns red* "uh... um..."

Darwin: "ya we are going to try out"

Penny: "but gumball your'e not that good at sports"

Miss simian: "NO TALKING!"


Darwin: "hey misses mom" "Gumball is going to try out for the basketball team"

Nicole: "now honey why would he do that?"

Gumball: "its because of tobias"

Darwin: "he came up to us and was trying to act big and tuff"

Nicole: "so you decide to try out for the basketball team to show your'e as big and tuff as him?"

Darwin: "pretty much"

Nicole: *sigh*

-shows anais at the dinner table doing a puzzle-

Anais: "gumball can you even play basketball?"

Gumball: "of course i do i seen loads of people do it on TV"

Anais: *facepalm*

Gumball: *raises eyebrow*

Anais: "whats one rule of basketball?"

Gumball: *thinks*

Anais: *sigh* "you will never make it" *returns to puzzle*

Gumball: "will i will make it!"

-tomorrow at school in the hall way-

Tobias: "so guys did you give up on trying out for the team?"

Gumball: "no" did you?"

Tobias: "haha" why would i?"

Gumball: "maybe because your'e scared"

Tobias: "why would i be scared?"

Gumball: "i'm trying out" *puts hand on chest*

Tobias: "good luck with that again" *leaves*

Gumball: "i told you i don't need luck!"

Darwin: "dude your'e going to need luck"

Gumball: *looks down defeated* "ya i know"

Darwin: *pats gumball's back*

-class room-

Miss simian: "class today is for the try outs!" "so if you want to join be here at 6:00 pm"

Class: "yes miss simian"

Miss simian: "ok" NOW BACK TO WORK!" *turns around*

Gumball: *whispers* "ok Darwin you ready for the try outs?"

Darwin: *whispers* "yes"

Penny: *whispers* "you guys are still thinking of going to the try outs?!"

Gumball: "yes"

Penny: "gumball your'e not going to make the team"

Gumball: "why does every keep saying that!"

Miss simian: "SILENCE!"

-try outs-

Gumball: "darwin lets go"

-darwin in locker room-

Darwin: "um... gumball"

Gumball: "yes?"

Darwin: "my uniform doesn't fit"

Gumball: *facepalm* "dude i told you to get the other size"

Darwin: "i thought this would fit me"

Gumball: "will its your'e fault for getting the small"

Miss simian: "ok kids start trying out!"

Tobias: *starts shooting baskets from free pointer*

Gumball: *looks a bit mad* "dude hurry up!"

Darwin: "dude i can't put it on" *comes out without uniform*

Gumball: *starts going with tobias*

Tobias: *puts basketball under his arm* "there you are i thought you quiet"

Gumball: "i told you i was going to try out"

Tobias: *tosses ball to gumball* "will start trying out"

Gumball: "i am" *starts dribbling*

Tobias: "will?"

Gumball: *throws ball* *bounces of rim and hits darwin* "sry buddy!"

Tobias: *laughing*

Gumball: *looks mad* "dude that's not funny!"

Tobias: "yes it was"

Miss simian: "ok kids the paper that made the team will be posted in the Cafeteria tomorrow"


Anais: 'What, Gumball"

Gumball: "i'm a superhero

Anais: "cool"

Nicole: Are we the superhero?

Gumball: Yes!

Nicole: OK Then, Let's go Outside

Gumball: *flys at movie theater* *crash action movie*

All: *sad face* *leaves*

(episode ends)