The Amazing World of Penny is a mini or side series to The Amazing World of Gumball. It stars the cheerleaders, particularly Penny FItzgerald. Following on most adventures are Carmen, her super-intelligent cactus, Teri the scaredy paper bear and timid Molly. Sometimes, her friend and crush [Gumball Watterson] tags along.

List of Episodes

Note: the ones in italics I'd prefer to be the only editor. Underlined means it's based off a true story. You may vote either here or on my talk page.

  1. The Valentine Feb. 14
  2. The Tutor- Penny needs to teach Gumball the rules on Principal Borwn's command.
  3. The Jinx- Molly accidentally inlicts bad luck on the cheerleaders.
  4. The Lollipop- Sis's lollipop was stolen, and Penny must go to great lengths to get it back. apr.17
  5. The Hero- When Molly is considered a hero, Penny gets jealous.
  6. The Reverse- Carmen sends Penny and Teri to the reverse dimension.
  7. The Joke- The girls prank hardcore
  8. The Ninja- Gumball and Darwin begin to wear ninja costumes, and Penny vows to sve them.
  9. The Nightmare- Teri suffers with nightmares, so Molly and Penny try to help.
  10. The Campout- An overnight field trip turns when Penny and Carmen take the four Wattersons to watch over.
  11. The Monster- A monster takes the students of Elmore Junior High.
  12. The Contest- The team takes Carrie to the salsa eating contest, much to Penny's chagrin.
  13. The Daycare- A 30-minute special zooms in on all of Elmore Junior High's pre-school days, such as when Penny and Gumball met.
  14. The Slumber- A slumber party grows hazardous for Penny.
  15. The Dude- Sebastian Longquin comes back, which embarasses Penny.
  16. The Spider- Mr Cuddles has disappeared! Sis and Penny look around Elmore for the spider.
  17. The Cactus- FanFiction comes to life! Carmen and Alan can't be together without pain, so Carmen takes the matter into her own hands.
  18. The Company- Penny's fatrher takes Penny to the boring construsction company.
  19. The Legends- The cheerleaders learn that they will be legendary and practice for it.
  20. The Report- The team goes to great lengths to finish a report.
  21. The Dodge- the Amazing Cats and the T- Rexes play dodgeball
  22. The Battle- Penny and Tina Rex get into a fight. apr. 20
  23. The Babysitter- The team show a documentary of a bad babysitter.
  24. The Master- The team get trapped in a video game.
  25. The Outlaw- Penny must cover for Zack, Gumball and Darwin, who are taking the day off.
  26. The President- Penny runs for class president. Feb .20
  27. The Television- Penny and sis need to suffer the concquences when the TV is bro.
  28. The Hazard- Carmen scolds Penny after becoming safetly patrol.
  29. The Freezer- Whatever hurt GUmball in The Valentine is in the freezer! Penny, Zack and Darwin must get revenge.