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Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Manifestation
Enemies: Matt, Lewis, Sticky
First Appearance: "The Camera"

Insecurity is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. It first appears in "The Camera" when it uses Sticky as a host. It is relater peeled by Lewis, Sticky and Matt but vows to return.


Like Jealousy, Insecurity is a pure manifestation of insecurity that can possess anyone and possibly anything. It can make its hosts go wild with insecurity or control the host directly. The victim turns a shade of blue, and gains its features (sharp teeth, eyes and voice). When it possess Sticky, it somehow gives him sharper limbs and even strength, making Sticky (who is usually unable to push even Teri over) capable of punching small holes into solid cement.

Insecurity feeds on the insecurity of the host. The stronger the insecurities of the host, the stronger the hold Insecurity has over the victim. Insecurity even tries to assume its hosts identity and take advantage of the host and it's belongings or capabilities. It can be dispelled though from the host by chanting a simple "Insecurity, begone!" many times, or making the victim less insecure.

Known Hosts


  • Insecurity greatly resembles Jealousy except that it has no arms and sharp teeth.
  • Insecurity apparently also likes to stalk people (probably to look for prey, or by it's own host's insecurities to see if anyone is talking bad about them).