These are the rules of Gumball Fanon Randomness Wiki that all contributors are expected to follow. If you have any questions, please contact an administrator or bureaucrat.




This is a fanon wiki. So pretty much any content is allowed with few exceptions.

No off-topic fanons. This is a fanon wiki for The Amazing World of Gumball. You are allowed to make your own oc if you use it in a Gumball-related fanon, but creating fanons that are not related to The Amazing World of Gumball or making ocs without actually using them in a Gumball-related fanon will be deleted.

NSFW (Not Safe For Work), inappropriate or pornographic fanons are not allowed under any circumstance. Using inappropriate images is also not tolerated.

Copyrighted art is also not allowed unless you got permission from the copyright owner.

Use of minor curse words is allowed. But strong curse words or slurs are never allowed.

Spamming and trolling isn't allowed either.


Editing is a fun way to contribute to the community.

Don't engage in edit wars. This is when your edit gets undone by someone and you just revert it back. If your edit gets undone, please contact the user on their message wall to settle it rather than edit war.

Edit milking is strictly not allowed either. This is making repetitive unnecessary edits. If you think a user is edit milking, please contact an administrator.

Vandalism isn't allowed either. This is pretty obvious and should really go without saying. Vandalism is deliberate destruction to a page to confuse, troll, or upset the community. Vandalism can be easily undone and depending on how bad it is you may get a block on your account.

Make sure when you edit that the page turns out how you intended it, especially when working with complex code. One mistake in code can mess up an entire page.


Comments are a way to talk about the subject of a page.

Keep comments relevant and to the point of the page.

If an admin deems a posted comment as spam, he/she reserves the right to remove it.

While opinions are tolerated about different subjects, don't post outright inflammatory comments to stir up trouble.

Like stated above about cursing, only light cursing is allowed in comments.

Don't make comment posts lengthy. For lengthy discussions, go to the chat room.

Don't reply to an old comment (30 days or older). This is what we call "necroposting".

Don't "comment milk" either. This is basically the same as edit milking but comment milking is making repetitive unnecessary comments.

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