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"The Choosing" and "The Specie Part 2" are the only episodes to premiere in February 2017 for the US and UK.</option> <option>
The Race Titlecard.jpg

"The Race" took thirteen writers and six storyboarders to make the episode in the shortest amount of time!</option> <option>
ThePranks Leak2.jpg

There is a foolverse dimension of Gumball.</option> <option>
RipBob CrossOverPants design.jpg

The foolverse episode "The Yellow Thing" is a crossover with a famous television show, SpongeBob SquarePants.</option> <option>
The Specie Titlecard.jpg

"The Specie" had the least amount of characters and is the most shortest episode in the show. It had four characters and the runtime is three minutes!</option> <option>
The House Titlecard.jpg

"The House" is the final episode of Season 5 to be produced. But the twenty fifth to air.</option> <option>
TheSchemer Leak5.jpg

"The Schemer" reveals that Harold has been picking on and manipulating Richard since High School.</option> <option>
The Scammer Titlecard.jpg

"The Scammer" is Ben Bocquelet's

most favorite Season 5 episode.</option>

The Treats Titlecard.jpg

"The Treats" took the most time to ever make, Taking 4 years to complete.</option>


Goodbye, Elmore? Titlecard.png

"Goodbye Elmore?" was a special due to the fact that it was the first episode not in the 40 episodes in one season mark (as it was the 41st episode in Season 5), since Season 5 and further have more than 40 episodes.</option>


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