Evil Gumball is Gumball's evil Alter-Ego,His debut is The Clone,Anais made Gumball Evil and turn him into Evil
Gumball,Then Later,He turned into a clone which leaves 2 Gumballs in 1 World.


EvilGumball's Cameo

Evil Gumball sneaking up on Anais and Darwin in an Unknown Episode

Evil Gumball looks exactly like Gumball,But with Red Whiskers and Red Eyes(No Pupils).


Evil Gumball is pretty much evil and have a Naughty Nature,He has no friends,everybody pretty much hates him and he hate everyone.He also looks like Evil GIR.

Bloody Gumball

Cancel-Gum This article contains content of a Cancelled Character!


Bloody Gumball is a cancelled version of Evil Gumball,His Body is all covered in blood.he was originally gonna appear in The Clone in one scene,but it was cancelled.he will appear in some photos in The Clone Gallery,hidden somewhere,same as The Swear,Bloody Gumball is also a reference to Bloody GIR.