Abraham "Abe" McForbes
Character Information
Also known as: Abraham "Abe" Gomorrah McForbes (maiden name)
Age: 37
Relatives: Billy McForbes (son)
Mrs. McForbes (wife)
Occupation: News reporter
Voice: Takayoshi Himamura

Abraham "Abe" McForbes is news anchor in Elmore.



He is very tired of his job, because he works every day on Regional News. When he leads news, he usually adds his opinions for making his life more interesting. He gives Vicky Nighthawk, his correspondent find any sensation and always seems being in luck, because Wattersons kids always came in any trouble. At the evening he comes late from his job at 9:00 PM, when his son, Billy sleeps. His son gets "C" marks, because he doesn't help with his homework due his long worktime.


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